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Tribune Article On Andrew Dickson

Did you see the Portland Tribune article about Andrew Dickson? I have been a fan of his since I saw the Hunter Dawson piece he did. And his recent work at the TBA Fest, AC Dickson: eBay Powerseller got me so excited that I gave him a blog. I was a little disappointed they didn’t mention his URL in the article though.

I applied for one of those grants for creative entrepreneurs, and while I didn’t get it, I did get a chance to sit down and talk with Rosie Williams. She is an amazing woman and has made the creative entrepreneurs grants her pet project, but I worry about her position as she is part of Vera Katz’s staff and they are out of City Hall in the new year. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

I’m A Man Of Emotion And A Man Of Motion

You’ll be hearing lots about Portland from me. And, hopefully, the communication will flow both ways.

I remember wandering into a used music store after a dinner date. The kind of dinner date it is best to dress up for. The tongue-pierced slacker behind the counter sneered at me like I was some sort of lounge lizard. So then I says to the little snit, “I am as alienated as you,” and have the scars to prove it.”

He shut the (rhymes with the U of O team mascot) up.

I damn sure have the scars. I haven’t done time, but have killed more than my share of it. Well, I am not alienated, but I do tend to question authority. A lifetime of experience has taught me to be a thoughtful liberal on most issues, perhaps even a bit left of liberal on some. I can be funny, irascible, but my skepticism is driven by inquisitiveness rather than jadedness. I’ve ridden shotgun on this orb for more than a couple of spins now, and I think I have most things figured out.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t reserve the right to change my mind.

I am a man of emotion and a man of motion. I like trains and rock and roll and taking pictures of oceans and puddles, and writing about technology and finding new restaurants and the Discovery Channel. I don’t like people who don’t vote but bitch a lot. I am one for science, but humanistic with a polyspiritual bent.

Meet me here, or if you care, saunter over to my site. There, you’ll find lots of my stuff. If you’re real curious about me, get a life… nah, check out my two other blogs: some deep geek stuff on CNET as well as on my own personal Blog. If you piss me off, or break my heart, or break my bank, you may wind up there.

George Carlin and Beavis & Butthead are/were funny. Monty Python was not.

There is no such thing as a meal that is too spicy, a band that is too loud, a whisper that is too soft.

I have said too much already, I think.

But then again, so poopin’ what. That’s why I am here, and why you are, too.

Out of Town

This is really kinda amusing, for me, at least. I’ve been waiting for Portland to go live (and, quite frankly, am astonished at how long it’s taken [fie, portlanders, fie, ignoring my posters!]) and when it finally does, I’m out of town in Toledo.

Now, a little about Toledo. It’s abhorrently boring. I bitch *constantly* about suburb living, and how it’s bad, bad bad shit, and we should be fighting against it. This place is all about that suburban living business. Lame, huh?

Toledo’s all of thirty thousand strong, which is nothing compared to our…eight hundred? It’s also boring as all get out (what are the rules and regs about cursing on this blog?). Boo-ring. And movies cost a solid nine bucks, even at student rates. The good thing is that my grandmother (who my sister and I are staying with for this Thanksgiving break) has allowed me to take her car whenever.

I know that this is far from fascinating for most of you, but I felt a need to get some content up in here.

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