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Tom Potter Breaks The Law

Well, okay, that’s a misleading title. But the Oregonian article about Tom Potter going on a critical mass ride does seem to imply that he ran a few red lights:

“At the first stop sign, Potter, 64, squeezed the brakes until he noticed the rest of the pack rolling through the intersection. “I’ll just follow you,” he told another cyclist, chuckling. The next three stops signs were a blur.”

I sort of have mixed feelings on Critical Mass. I like the “WE ARE TRAFFIC TOO!” message it sends, but it also seems like it just makes car-people mad, which isn’t good, because the car-people are going to remember Critical Mass when they see a lone cyclist. But whatever the net effect, it’s definitely good to see Tom Potter out in the thick of things. I wonder if he’ll join in the next protest when Bush and Co. is in town?

Blazers Win!

blazergame.jpgI went to the Blazers vs. Clippers game on Friday and it was the first time I’ve ever seen the Blazers win (90-86)! Of course, I was actually rooting for the Clippers, so maybe that’s why… We had quite a large group, and since it was $1 hotdog night (which included Blaze, our rather weak mascot, chasing small children dressed as hotdogs around the court) we had to have a hotdog eating contest.

Initially the numbers being thrown around were 5 and 6. I mean, these are decent sized dogs! But then Les upped the ante when he purchased 8 dogs. Well, I wasn’t even planning on competing but ended up eating 6 pretty easy, which tied me with my old eating nemesis, John. I forced down one of Les’ just to beat John, and had a very short lived lead. Steve ended up basically getting drunk on hotdogs by consuming 10! It was both inspiring, and having already eaten 7 myself, kind of gross.

Kicking Bird sneak preview tonight @ Hollywood Theatre

Local ‘AngryFilmmaker’ Kelley Baker debuts his new film, Kicking Bird, tonight in a sneak preview/benefit at the Hollywood Theatre. Kicking Bird tells the story of Martin “Bird” Johnson, a white-trash high school kid who runs from his life -and into a spot on the track team.

Baker shot the film in digital video in 18 days for mere pennies – and my friend Don Campbell contributed some 15 punk songs with his songwriting partner Al Lee, along with help from Brian Berg of 44 Long fame, and Simon Widdowson of Sweeper (and a producer for the Decemberists, Little Sue, Pete Krebs, Nicole Campbell, among many others.)

Tonight’s benefit preview starts at 6:30 with a wine and cheese reception, followed by the screening at 7:30. There will also be a drawing afterwards for tickets to various theater events around town, and the $25.00 ticket price raises money for KelleyÔøΩs Baltic Educational Films, a non-profit organization that makes educational videos for schools.

Don says it’ll be “big fun” – and anyone who knows Don (freelance journalist/writer, longtime PDX music aficionado, and member of DK4, among other worthy pursuits) knows that he’s all about big fun!

Can’t make it tonight? There’s another party tomorrow evening – the Cast & Crew Premiere (open to the public) at 7 p.m – and the movie will be shown regularly all weekend long (check the website for the schedule.)

Day of Thievery Continues

This short item in the Oregonian describes a thief who stole a $100,000 diamond from downtown Portland’s Margulis Jewelers. His method? He “asked to hold it.”

And then he ran off.

So you’ve got a stuffed donut thief apprehended by a mob of Portland’s Finest, but a guy with a hundred-thousand-dollar diamond clutched in his fist runs free down SW Broadway.

Local Man Attempts to Steal VooDoo’s Sacred Doughnut

The story about the thief trying to mess with Portland’s favorite doughnut house is a very entertaining read. Including such choice quotes as, “You don’t mess with Voodoo’s giant doughnut.” and “Put the giant doughnut down. Nobody touches the doughnut, man!”

Also, I encourage everyone to check out the great VooDoo Doughnut flickr set by hummanna.

Beercasting At the Goose Hollow

I am in Tacoma, headed south to Portland and home.

I would like to invite any and all within driving distance of this message to the Beercasting America tour at the Goose Hollow Inn on Jefferson just off NW 18 Ave. Take Max down. Be there by 7:30 p.m.this Wednesday.

You should be there ..not just to meet new people or have a great conversation over your favorite libation.

Then after you get home you can download the Beercast, and play it back for your friends or whoever are trying to impress.

As a matter of fact, Beercasting has just done some shows in Seattle. If you want to listen to the free Beercast you can pull down the archive by clicking here.

Come out and get heard!

More info: 503-473-6237


Tuesday morning and my mind’s still buzzing from banjos I heard Sunday–a good thing. Kicked it at the Moon & Sixpence that night, for the last night of Portland’s Old-Time Music Gathering. Fifteen minute sets from local and visiting bands; a similar format to Miz Kitty’s Parlour, but less Miz Kitty since the mic wasn’t too hot. Lots of good fiddlin’ and pickin’ and strummin’ and foot stompin’, though. Lots. And there’s going to be lots more going on here soon enough: Tomorrow night it’s Schicky Gnarowitz and the Transparent Wings of Joy at the Red and Black (klezmer), Thursday the Flat Mountain Girls (old-time) at the Kennedy School, and Sunday Foghorn Stringband (more fiddles) at the Moon & Sixpence. Come out with me?

Live from Oregon, it’s OregonLive!

While their site does leave a bit to be desired, OregonLive does have a blogs section, including the blog of Public Editor for the O, Michael Arrieta-Walden. On the front page of the blog section is a Neighborhood Blogs area and under that, “More Local Blogs”. And look! They’re alphabetical, so if you scroll a little you’ll see us! Yay Metblogs!! This will be noted when we take over the world, right? Right!

(note: expect me to be very reserved in the near future, as I just used up my quota of exclamation points.)

Only In Portland

Earlier this week a friend of mine and I were downtown, and just happened to be about during the anti-inaugural protests. Did anyone have any pictures or accounts of this that they could post? Mine is just this…

Veganopolis Opens Monday

Got a sneak peak at the very soon to open new restaurant Veganopolis.


I’ve been seeing the ads in the Mercury and stopped by to check it out. Interior looks great and Monday is the grand opening!

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