The Glory of the Galleria

The Galleria has always reeked of musty desperation to me, a place where a business goes to die peacefully out of sight of any customers. Admittedly this has improved somewhat with the cooking school moving in and adding exterior doors to the Made In Oregon store (a Naito company), but ever since I came to Portland (1998) I have heard about people being wary to rent any property from Naito Properties due to their long family history of suing the pants off each other.

Maybe now that things are calming down over in Naito-town people won’t be scared to rent a space there. Could we see a return of the Galleria?

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  1. Cat (unregistered) on January 22nd, 2005 @ 4:08 pm

    I was around for the last remodel of Galleria, when it was full of shops, and about to be on a major MAX stop. Even then, it was pretty dead.

    It’s always been inexplicable to me–I think it’s a great building, and it certainly isn’t a bad location. But there’s just something *off* about the interior. It’s not really a pleasant place to be. Until they figure out what makes it so, no renovation will make any difference.

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