Tom Potter Breaks The Law

Well, okay, that’s a misleading title. But the Oregonian article about Tom Potter going on a critical mass ride does seem to imply that he ran a few red lights:

“At the first stop sign, Potter, 64, squeezed the brakes until he noticed the rest of the pack rolling through the intersection. “I’ll just follow you,” he told another cyclist, chuckling. The next three stops signs were a blur.”

I sort of have mixed feelings on Critical Mass. I like the “WE ARE TRAFFIC TOO!” message it sends, but it also seems like it just makes car-people mad, which isn’t good, because the car-people are going to remember Critical Mass when they see a lone cyclist. But whatever the net effect, it’s definitely good to see Tom Potter out in the thick of things. I wonder if he’ll join in the next protest when Bush and Co. is in town?

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