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Best/Worst Mexican Food

Portland used to have a wide variety of tasty Mexican food joints, but the ones I’ve enjoyed have slowly disappeared, strangely accompanied by the emergence of Taco Del Mar (the Burgerville of Mex food — not fast food, but good food made quickly) and Baja Fresh (which is good, don’t get me wrong).

Only one or two of my old haunts remain, and as a combination of diets and the dwindling of the industry have conspired against me, I’m left scratching my head at where I should go for some decent Mexican food in the Portland area.

What are you doing this weekend?

I’ve got an entire weekend without any obligations, and a hellacious week to recover from. And since it’s one of only two kid-free weekends each month, I’m bound and determined to cram as much into it as I can.

Invariably, though, I end one of these weekends upset that I’d forgotten about this, or never heard about that. I’m going to scour all the usual suspects later today – but let me ask you this: What are you doing this weekend? What should I not miss?

I will be at Doug Fir tomorrow night, thanks to some free tickets (Superinky hooked me up with the Doug Fir mailing list & concert ticket giveaways!) to see Amelia. I’m also toying with the notion of heading out to Berbati’s Pan to see Lyrics Born with a live backing band – but I’m open to other suggestions.

So…what’s on your agenda this weekend?

An update to David Wu’s stance on the energy bill

I wrote before about David Wu’s stance on the energy bill.

Mr. Wu is supporting the Castle-Markey amendment to H.R. 6, the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The following is his address to the U. S House of Representatives.

So far Bull Mountain has escaped Tigard

Bull Mountain is an unincorporated area contiguous to Tigard. Tigard has eyed Bull Mountain and decided to annex Bull Mountain sometime in 2003.

A little history: In 1983 Tigard and Washington County signed an agreement that Bull Mountain would become a part of Tigard by 2003. At that time nobody asked the residents of Bull Mountain about the deal.

So where in PDX *is* “October Hill,” anyway?

Forty-two years ago, crooner Frank Sinatra had a hit with a Rod McKuen song, “Love’s Been Good To Me.”

The song had a couple of verses about the time that “love was good to” him with a Portland woman:

“There was a girl in Portland
Before the winter chill
We used to go a-courtin’
Along October Hill.”

FYI, Portland Tribune columnist Phil Stanford has devoted some or all of two recent columns to this non-existent October Hill place….

In the first column, he cited quotes from Rod himself, who said that although October Hill was an imaginary place, it, and the girl would be in our Portland, not Portland, Maine. You see, Rod’s mom was from Union, Oregon, and he spent some time here as a kid.

Phil’s second column was *entirely* devoted to October Hill. He proposed that we Portlanders actually establish a location as October Hill. He suggested Forest Park.

Well, Forest Park meets the Hill definition, but to me is more of a place for vigorous exercise than romantic “courtship.” If you are looking for a place that has both, I would suggest Washington Park. When the weather’s nice, lots of people picnic there, and court on the preserve’s many hillside vistas.

I wrote those thoughts to Phil this morning. If he has more to say about this subject, I’ll let you know on these Blogvirons.

Actually, Washinton Park’s attractiveness as a picnic spot also reminds me of a passage from “All Day Music” by the 1970s band War:

“Let’s have a picnic, go to the park
“Rollin’ in the grass ’til long after dark.”

What’s with those rusted railcars parked at NW 35 Ave at St. Helen’s Road?

I’m talking about those two rusted railcars off to the siding on the right as you leave town.

They’ve been there eight years, have no apparent uses and to my knowledge, have only been moved once- a few feet.

Anyone know the story?

Leaving The Crew

This is my last post on metblogs, and I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed it and I’ve learned from it. I’ll still be reading and posting comments, but I have other online endeavors that I need to focus my time on. (UrbanHonking has been growing and I’ll be co-hosting the new reality-blog we launched, The Ultimate Blogger.) Good luck to everyone, I’m sure I’ll run into you all at a blogger meetup or online somewhere!

David Wu blasts the Energy Bill

David Wu, Congressperson from Oregon’s congressional district one, has posted the following on his website.

Where can I go for happy hour tonight?

If you haven’t been outside? It’s amazingly gorgeous out there.
And, since it’s a kid-free Wednesday evening for me and I’m in one of those moods – I must indulge in a rare happy hour excursion, no?

Only – where shall I go? Rozanne graciously gave us a list of seven east-side places earlier – but I’m downtown, and want a quick location after work if I can.

Tried H20 a while back – left me cold, frankly (although I think they have a newer, lower-priced menu now – we’d tried it in the beginning.) I know – and love – the Brazen Bean, but surely that’s going to be jammed tonight, plus the porch won’t be available. Right?

So – if you were going to recommend a good downtown happy hour place (with outdoor seating if at all possible) – where would you send me?

farejumping: a cautionary tale

This tale involves me, my younger brother, and the Tri-Met transit police. I won’t say whether it’s true, in case my parents ever read this entry.

We’ll go waaaaay back, to May ’03.

My parents and Lil Bro had flown out to visit me, and to witness the commencement that wasn’t. Since commencement, well, wasn’t, we spent the remainder of that happy weekend wandering around the Gorge and sight-seeing in Portland.

It was a typical family weekend, filled with your look at this, look at that, and when will you ever do anything right‘s.

Suffice it to say, the folks weren’t thrilled with me.

Somehow, though, that last night, Lil Bro and I convinced the folks to go back to the hotel early, leaving just the two of us to hang out. Our intention was, of course, to scare up some mischief. What we told the folks was that we were going to ride bikes.

Mischief + bikes = Zoobomb.

So off we rode, me and a housemate on a home-welded tandem, and Lil Bro on a borrowed road bike. We rode out to Hollywood Transit Center, and caught the MAX up to Washington Park.

I don’t recall whether Lil Bro said he’d been on a bike before.

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