So far Bull Mountain has escaped Tigard

Bull Mountain is an unincorporated area contiguous to Tigard. Tigard has eyed Bull Mountain and decided to annex Bull Mountain sometime in 2003.

A little history: In 1983 Tigard and Washington County signed an agreement that Bull Mountain would become a part of Tigard by 2003. At that time nobody asked the residents of Bull Mountain about the deal.

Up until 2003 Tigard really had no interest in annexing Bull Mountain, but as 2003 moved on Tigard began checking out Bull Mountain with greed and glee.

In November 2004 Tigard decided to place the matter on the ballot with a single vote majority, with the residents of Tigard deciding whether or not to annex Bull Mountain. However, this didn’t prove legally feasible because somewhere along the line somebody found out that it would take a double majority vote to do the annex.

The end result was that in the November election the Tigard voters voted to annex and the residents of Bull Mountain voted against annexation. At the moment Bull Mountain is happily unincorporated. For more info check out the following links.

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