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A+ Failing

A+ Failing

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So, the girl and I went to A+ Failing and Kick the Squirrel last Friday. A+ Failing’s a new improv. comedy troupe from Wilson High, determined to bring attention to the imminent DRAMA DIVISION CUT. That’s right. The entire drama department is going down the drain the rest of Portland’s public school system, at least at Wilson.

A+ Failing was pretty damn hysterical, most often running the gamut of the absurd, with a few repeating character bits.
Kick The Squirrel had an incredibly tight act, starting from a stock Bar scenario. I suggested, when prompted for a name of a famous public figure, Lyndon B. Johnson. Why? Because I have an essay on the switch from liberal reform ideals to conservative ideals in America due tomorrow.

Oh, good times.

for real?

Oh, man.

I got this announcement in my e.mail:

Rev Phil: Exposing the Portland Icon

Hollywood Theatre
Friday June 10 at 7 p.m.
$5 donation goes to NW Documentary Arts & Media

An expose!

I have a few things to say about Rev Phil, myself.

I’d been dying to meet Rev Phil for for-ever, but it was Summer 2003 and Rev Phil was drugged up most all of the time. Something about bionic knees and all that robotic goodness. In any case, my friends were all warning me: that dude’s intense.

The first time I met Rev Phil, I had to tell him not to get fresh with me.

The second time I met Rev Phil, he kissed me. And every time after that. At least until he met El.

Last summer, Rev Phil, Timo (two parts of the Trash Mountain Boys), and our posse paused on the Fremont bridge during Bridge Pedal to sing “Bicycle Girlfriend”. What a great song. We made lots of folks happy with our singing, but then Allan started climbing the bridge cables and some folks got unhappy and that was TOO BAD. Allan was just hanging out, y’all.

Also: the scene from “Mountain Bomb” where Rev Phil’s left contact separates from his eye while he was descending Hood on his zoobomb bike? I was in stitches. And totally grossed out.

Hey. Just google him, all right? Then go to the movie.

The Oregon Track Classic needs a sponsor

The Oregon Track Classic is one of two elite international track meets held in Oregon, usually in the Portland Tri-County area. It was cancelled this year because of a lack of a sponsor.

Remembering the fallen

Many Oregon families will spend this weekend with bittersweet memories of children, husbands or loved ones gone too soon.

No matter what your feelings are about our involvements overseas, I’d ask you to please find a way you can help support those left behind. And please say a word or two of prayer – whatever your form of worship – in honor of those no longer with us this weekend.

The early bird? Gets the strawberries.

Sadly, I was not the early bird today at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. That means, of course, that I did not get any strawberries. Nor did I see any of the mushrooms Nick Zukin of raved about in his write-up of the market a few weeks ago.

I should know better – I’m a farmer’s market veteran, after all. But although I’m a regular at the Hollywood market when it’s open, I really haven’t checked out the other markets around the metro area, save for the Portland Farmer’s Market downtown in the Park Blocks. I know I’ve heard good things about the Beaverton market, in particular – Nick’s written this up as well, and has email newsletters posted from other markets in the area – in fact, you should really explore his site for more information if you’re not already a regular reader. (And if you’re not? Whythehellnot, already?)

With the new markets popping up all the time (a new one at 15th and Alberta on Saturday, so I’ve heard), there’s a farmer’s market near you, I’m sure. Try it out & report back. But remember – the early bird will get the strawberries …blueberries …cherries …not to mention the basil and sweet corn.

And then the early bird will invite me over to dinner – right?

Best/Worst Portland Heat Beating establishments

Aside from reeling at John’s recent foray into my niche, a sin which I shall forgive this once (I suppose), I have also been dying of hot hot weather.

Yeah, I know. I’m a wuss, and all Oregonians are complainers when it comes to hot weather, because we don’t understand how bad they have it back east.


Warning, warning: Pepsi Waterfront Festival opening June 2nd

They’re setting up as we speak for my least favorite waterfront festival of the year – the Pepsi Waterfront Festival.

What, you say? What could be more fun than carnival rides, corn dogs, and the chance to win a prize? Well – call me a crank if you like, but I’m no fan of the Waterfront Festival, as my two children already sadly can attest.

Don’t get me wrong – I love carnival rides – the faster, the better. I love corn dogs. And winning prizes? I’m there, baby. But I’m also no fan of crowds, and don’t much like slogging through the mud (it rains every single year, doesn’t it?), I don’t much like having to take out a loan in order to attend the thing. And some of those rides look decidedly unsafe, don’t they? In short, I’ve become a true Oregonian – I now agree with the hordes of other PDX-ers who think it should just be abolished already.

If you feel like I do? Head out tomorrow instead to Oaks Park, where they’re celebrating the 100th anniversary with ride tickets on sale from 12 to 1 for only 32 cents a piece normally a buck seventy-five!). Or make the trip next week, when it’s much less expensive and annoying than a trip downtown, I’d bet.

Are you a fan of the Pepsi Waterfront Festival? If so, tell me why I should reconsider it. And if you agree with me? Share your reasons below…

Where’s the best place to buy roses bushes?

Where’s the best places to buy rose bushes in Washington County?

Update to Intel’s tax breaks

This is an update to a post I wrote post about how Washington County was considering giving considerable tax breaks to Intel.

The Random Post

Yeah. I have ONE thing to post.

That’s. It.

Random props to Mike for running The Ultimate Weblogger. I know that Mimi is going to win. Why do I know this? Because strippers fucking rock, that’s why. As soon as I turn 18 I’m going to do my homework in a strip club. And I will tip extravagantly. Oh, man. homework and titties. It’s almost good.

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