Where’s the best place to buy roses bushes?

Where’s the best places to buy rose bushes in Washington County?

Here’s the problem. All of the rose bushes in the yard are blooming beautifully except for one. I think that one is dead.

I don’t understand it. You water the rose, feed the rose special plant food, trim the rose, get rid of the aphids on the rose, and the rose still slacks off.

The rose that is slacking off is about five and and half feet tall. Is it possible to buy a rose bush about five and a half feet tall in the Washington County area? My eyesight isn’t good enough for me to drive anymore until I have some medical stuff done, so I generally have to take a bus, which is why I would prefer to know about a good place to buy rose bushes to be in Washington County.

When I was younger and lived in Tucson, I never had this problem with cacti. Cacti are so easy to take care of.

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