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Best/Worst places to go get a beer

I’m not big on bars. Usually too smoky and at least somewhat over-priced, I’ve learned that sitting at home and drinking a bottle of beer while watching television can be just as fun as going to a bar and paying for the same experience.

However, there are times when it is good to get out, to mingle among the masses, and to take in a different atmosphere. So, let us discuss the best and worst places to do that.

Oregon House Democrats in the house!

Add 27 new bloggers to the blogging population – and all under one roof, no less.

Check it out: Oregon House Democrats.

As Kari Chisholm, principal of Mandate Media (who’s responsible for putting this together) said in an email:

With all 27 members of the caucus blogging together, this is the first legislative caucus in the country with a group blog.

It represents a tremendous opportunity to connect directly with the House Democrats – and have a two-way conversation with them about the future of our state.

I, for one, will be watching avidly to see how this evolves…

Overheard on the bus this morning

My daughter and I took a different bus than usual today – one where the bus driver isn’t familiar with her (yes, she has her own TriMet fan club.) See, we had to stop to pick up birthday cupcakes, so ended up on a very crowded standing-room-only bus that drops hordes of kids off at Benson High School.

cupcakes.jpgIf you had been riding the bus with us this morning – young daughter with a mile-wide grin ’cause she’s excited about the day, me toting birthday cupcakes and birthday treats and other paraphenalia – here’s what you would have heard from the bus driver as we got on:

“I want someone to give the small girl a seat, please!”

None of the kids (most with earphones jammed on their heads) moves a muscle. We wait…one…two…three beats. Mind you, she’s quite proud of her subway stance & would have been fine standing – but the bus driver would have none of it.

“This bus isn’t moving until someone gives that little girl a seat. I can wait all day if I have to…”

Incredulous glances were exchanged among the kids, and one of them jumped up to give up her seat. But the driver wasn’t done yet:

Thank you to whoever got up – I appreciate it!

And thus ended the etiquette lesson on the Number 70 bus this morning…

Lemming pie for a hot day

I love lemming pies on a hot day so I’m going to reveal my secret recipe.

Women and shipyards during WW II

Portland had some important ship building to do during WW II. Since many of the guys were off to war, that left a lot of women and America needed those women to build ships for the war effort.

The Oregon Historical Society has a few pages posted to their website from a handbook called Handbook for New Women Shipyard Workers.

hey, look. it’s a flying saucer.

Three things:

Thing One: The 2005 UPA College Championships are going to be in Corvallis, May 27th-29th. Apparently, my housemate’s sister can take care of the disc.

Thing Two: A week ago, I had the privilege of listening to Gary Snyder and Jerry Franklin speak on the 25th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, as part of the Illahee Lecture Series. At one point, Jerry was speaking about the repopulation of the blast zone. Upon mentioning scotchbroom, the audience’s reaction was an immediate and visceral “BOOOOhisssssssssss…”

I actually have a neighbor that seems to cultivate this weed.

Thing Three: My official commencement was last week. I didn’t attend. But I did just read President Colin Diver’s remarks, and I got a little misty-eyed. He may think he’s making a joke, but he doesn’t know how spot-on he actually is. People do walk away from you in bars when you try to strike up a conversation about the sexual habits of salamanders.

Tualitan Valley Water District gives up the property tax

It seems the Tualitan Valley Water District, one of the better water districts, will give up using a property tax to finance its business, which is, of course, to sell water. Instead it will use the money it gets from customers to finance the water district.

A few days of weather reprieve?

Here’s hoping so! My lawn desperately needs cutting, for starters, and the weeds are threatening to overtake the back yard as well.

But, the stretch of wacky weather of late brings up an interesting (and perennial) debate – is the weather any wackier this year than in years past? Or are we non-natives just moaning and groaning too much about events we ought to be used to by now?

Best/Worst Places to buy home improvement stuff

And so, I’ve returned, if for no other reason that to break up Mr. Hays’ apparent monopoly on our sweet Metroblog.

This weekend has been almost productive. Anticipating a promised break in the rain (I stopped checking the weather reports on Wednesday, because I chose to cling to the silly hope they’d remain accurate), The Missus and I went out and bought some soil, some plants, a lawnmower, some gardening tools, and other various accoutrements (probably entirely misspelled…) for our weekend amusement.

Needless to say, much of it went unused. After two days, I’ve finally given my yard a rudimentary haircut, as well as done some weeding and such. I’ve also been spending time with my sad dog, because she’s been feeling lonely this week (she spent a couple days at the vet getting fixed) and needs the attention.

I failed to hang the new hose, to place the new half-barrel that we’re going to grow my tomatoes in, or to turn over the soil in the planter box (where I just discovered two random carrots, believe it or not).

So, next weekend will be busy.

Seeing as I’ve been buying a bunch of home improvement-type stuff, I’m curious on people’s opinions on places to go for various needs. We hit Sears for the lawnmower, and Home Despot for the rest.

I’m a fan of Home Depot, despite my gut feeling that going to the Walmart of home improvement centers is bad for my soul. I also give Fred Meyer’s a lot of my cash in this area.

Not a fan of Target, which usually has somewhat chintzy stuff in this department.

Give me your opinions. I covet your insight…

Can Metroblogging express political views and not register with the FEC?

The Federal Election Commission has proposed new rules for blogs and group blogs who comment on candidates and politics.

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