We have an insidious cancer in the Portland area

It’s called “white supremacy”. It’s ridiculous, stupid and violent. It’s also delusional.

In the interest of educating people about racist, bizarre philosophies I’m posting the following nonsense from this webpage. The author is based in Boring, Oregon and he conducts common law courts. His name is Charles Bruce Stewart.

The Schweitzer Files
As Used by LeRoy Michael, of the clan Schweitzer: & his Legal Retinue of Suitors
among those great Modern American Heroes known collectively as
The Montana Freemen

They had to shut the Freemen down. If they did not, Babylon itself would have fallen. The Freemen had used Lawfully Valid Commercial Process to pay off the National Debt. They had driven into bankruptsy many Lawless Godless Pharisaical o bankruptsy many Lawless Godless Pharisaical DeFacto Mercenaries who belligerently crossed their paths in efforts to do Nuremberg recognizable Agressive Warfare. These Pharisaiocal Law Aggressors could not sell their fancy homes when they left town to retire from their plunder to a warmer climate, because the liens on the houses prevented bank re-financing.

The Commercial Process used here is Rock Solid under Modern Commercial Law, as codified within every states version of the Uniform Commercial Code (frequently UCC).

This is better than Law School folks. Mr Schweitzer did so much for this movement, that in this author’s opinion, he is the greatest hero of modern times. His Lawless ImPrisonment is just another testimony of Faith in Christ/Messaih Jesus/Yeshuah, who was also Tortured & Brutalized as he was Nailed to the Cross/Stake by the exact same form of Roman Civil-Military Government, all in alliance with “those who claim they are Jews, but are Not, but are of the Synagogue of Satin”. (The words of Jesus/Yeshuah; Revelation 2:9 & 3:9).

The documents & video which you probably seek are closer to the bottom of this page here. Go ahead & skip to those, if the spirit so moves you. As I edit this index/introduction document in March of 2005; i realize that my previous version of it should have been moved to a seperate document; becasue it does comtain much of my own views, rather than text directly related tot he profound work of LeRoy Michael. But that older version does also contain a lot related to LeRoy, & I am in a rush, so i will leave it as is, for now. We continue:

The use of Paper Contracts to “proceed against all the goods and land of the defaulting debtor”, was brought about by just such an alliance, as a direct result of the Norman Conquest, and as described in a soon to be here posted excerpt from the Georgetown Law Journal, & as obtained by this author by way of another unsung hero & cutting-edge Scholar of the Commercial-Lien Process; one: Hartford VanDyke, of the Battleground Washington area (presently also lawlessly incarcerated).

In the opinion of this author & Hartford VanDyke, LeRoy Schweitzer Errored in presuming that Commercial-Law was a subset of Common-Law. This author believes that this common mis-understanding comes from, the More Foundational common Error of, assuming that the true form of “Common-Law” continued on in existence After the Norman Conquest of 1066. This appears to this author to be the Most Significant Error in the research of almost all Modern Common-Law Scholars, & it is quite understandable that such greats as LeRoy Schweitzer & other respected heros in this movement have fallen victim to it.

Once it is understood that True Common-Law Ceased to Exist After the Norman Conquest (for all practical purposes) then it becomes clear that “Commercial-Law” & the “Law of Contracts” are Not a part of True “Common-Law”.

Commercial-Law is based upon what was known as “The Law Merchant”, which was basically just the “Law of Contracts”; all of which was for Negotiable & Non-Negotiable “True Bill” Instruments there-under. Because the Conquering Norman Kings waged Propaganda & Economic War against the Conquered Anglo-Saxons, & because the Anglo-Saxons eventually became Indoctrinated into their newly imposed Slavery, & because the History Books are very thin in documenting these realities of the true nature of the Evil which we battle:

Thus it is commonly mis-construed that Common-Law existed after the Norman Conquest. Many prominent University Scholars emphatically insist that it is an Honest Use of the Term “Common-Law” to identify that system which was Imposed over the Anglo-Saxon People After the “Norman-Conquest”, & continuing clear up until the times of the American Revolution. Noteworthily, the Anglo-Saxon system was momentarily allowed small short bloomings after the Conquest, mostly as a result of Magna Carta’s great triumph, & the Courageous Efforts of the Barons holding the Norman King At Sword Point to get him to agree to it. However, the Norman Kings quickly reneged on their promises, & the local Anglo-Saxon True Common-Law Courts of the Hundred & County, were but rare & momentary bright spots in the otherwise gloomy & Brutal Feudal Roman-Modeled System Imposed by the Normans.

But “Honesty of Words” Demands that Terms be Defined Specifically. And because it is acknowledged on all fronts that the Common-Law was derived from the Anglo-Saxons, & because All Honorable Scholars will concede that the Centralizing Influences of the Judicial Process brought about through the Norman Conquest (for all practical purposes) eventually Destroyed the Anglo-Saxon De-Centralized Method of proceeding at Common-Law, thus the Discriminating Logician will clearly Deduce that the use of the term “Common-Law” to Identify most of the Judicial Process developed After the “Norman Conquest”, is grievously In Error.

But these thoughts are more fully explored in the Anglo-Saxon Section of this Web Page. Refer there please for a much more detailed study of this critically-important turning-point in history. For this section all we need to know is that the Law Merchant & the practically synonymous Commercial-Law & Law of Contracts has all frequently been mis-took for a sub-division of true “Common-Law” process.

The fact that there is a difference here did not play any significant role in the legitimacy of the Schweitzer Lien Process. It is a principle of True Common-Law, as practiced by the Anglo-Saxons, that where there is a Wrong, there will be a Remedy. Modern America is swamped in Commercial Law. Common Law is superior to Commercial Law (a point upon which this author is in disagreement with the respected Mr Van Dyke). This author argues that True Common-Law can make use of Commercial-Law to afford a Remedy to those Sovereign Free Men & Women with-in the Common-Law Jurisdiction (Mr Van Dyke seems to agree here), & at which point Mr Schweitzer seems to have pushed the envelope in merging the differing Legal Remedy fields available to Modern Courtroom Warriors into one Dynamic Remedy, all farther than any man alive thus far.

But the Truth will Bear Witness to Its Self. Examine the documents listed below carefully. Please study them closely. LeRoy Schweitzer interlaced decades of scholarshoip into each line he composed in these documents. Mr Schweitzer gained much strength from being able to “Speak-Law” from his own “Juris-Diction” in the Constitutionally Recognizable “Foreign Jurisdiction” of “Justus Township”, with-in the Independent Nation (for judicial & commercial purposes) of Montana. This is how our larger American Nation was constitutionally set-up. Its part of the Constitutional Blue-Print. It embodies the Remnants of Magna-Carta, & it goes back to the times of Moses, where each ten & fifty & hundred & thousand Household Group was a responsibly self-governing & self-policing body-politic. And this is the way in which our American Constitution was designed to secure Freedom for “We the People” of this once great Nation. And “LeRoy Michael, Schweitzer”; & his “Montana Freemen” knew this.

Sorry, we’ve all been lied to. We are all Free Men & Free Women. The government run schools lied to us. Were fortunate to be finding this out now.

Thank you Mr Schweitzer.

Schweitzer Video:
This video was made in January of 1996. LeRoy Michael was lawlessly arrested in February of that month.
This is the best video of LeRoy speaking available, imho; becasue LeRoy’s studies & strategy was at its most advanced stage before his ability to communicate with the rest of us was aborted. He was waxing eloquently then. He has always had trouble communicating his ideas to his students. He was learning to become an effective communicator in this later video. Audio tapes are also available.
The resolution of this video is less than perfect; but it in jam-packed with 6 full hours of insightful info.
The first 3 hours are basically devoted to common-law & constitutional-law; & the last 3 hours are basically devoted to commercial UCC process.

U.C.C. Signatures By Accommodation: Text form Montana Code Annotated, a favorite cite from LeRoy. The best part is the affirmation of he Right of all People to Sign Signatures on Default Debt-Instruments against Corrupted Public-Officials & ther Partys who Fail to Deny Accusations against them with-in the Statutory Time Limit. This is near the end of the document. It may be called “Statutory Scceptance”

American Bank # 1: LeRoy sues to Lien-up Bankers for $100 Million. UCC and Bankers Handbook Cited. Other good points.

U.S. District Court Judge Dresbach: LeRoy gets in the face of a Corrupt US District Court Judge, in excruciating detail, & Liens him up for $100 Million.

Samples from the here-in mentioned disks are UCC-Complaints & Liens against: FBI agents, IRS agents, County Sheriffs, News Reporters; & the list goes on … The 4 computer-disks contain the whole package. LeRoy Michael’s Complete set of disks, are on the following web pages.


Six pages of scanned hand-written documents from LeRoy during the witner of 2004-2005.

I imagine some FBI agents would like to get their hands on a couple of those disks mentioned above.

The author of the above diatribe is a member of the racist, white supremacist Christian Identity movement.

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  1. ryanknapper (unregistered) on June 8th, 2005 @ 9:52 am

    Guys like this make the statement “I am a Christian” worthless in conveying a person’s belief. Does it mean you help out in a soup kitchen to make life a little easier for others? Does it mean you want to shoot gay people on sight? Does it mean you dedicate your life to helping orphans of all races and religions because it is the right thing to do?

    Saying you are a Christian is almost as useful as saying “I have a phone number.” There are nearly just as many differing views.

  2. John Hays (unregistered) on June 10th, 2005 @ 11:36 am

    Anybody can call themselves a Christian, and many do, but it’s actions that tell the truth.

    I suppose this is true with many religions.

  3. Sir Charles (unregistered) on January 29th, 2006 @ 7:20 pm

    Regarding LeRoy Schweitzer being a “Christian” “We” think he is but that’s a degree statement,,,how mature a “Christian” is one? That’s the question to be ask,,,LeRoy was trying to mix salt water with pure water and come up with pure water…LeRoy did not have this “Jurisdictional” thing down to a Science,,,LeRoy started in the U.S. ‘Martial Law Rule jurisdiction and then tried to mix in some “Commercial Law” then throw in a little dab of “Bible”,,,well it’s going to take a lot of doing to get that kind of mumbo jumbo law to come out “True” so when “they” took him and Peterson POW that monday morning at -5degrees F. “they” were trying to help a government agent that “Lured” them away from “The house”…
    Then in a supposedly “Constituional” court room, which had a Aritcle 2 Flag flying in a supposedly Article 3 court room,,,the judge gave them a “courts martial” and “they” are still being held Prisoner of War…So what should be the first thing out of your mouth when taken POW???

  4. Sir Charles (unregistered) on January 29th, 2006 @ 8:03 pm

    Thanks for the info about the insidious cancer in the Portland Area called “White Supremacy” but We didn’t know it is cancerous…Somebody has got to be “Supreme” simply because “The Bible” of The Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Israel says it and since Long “History” has shown all three of these Godly “Men” to be “White” then the “Whites” have the job,,,by the way that name was given to “The Children of Israel” by the lineage of their brother, Esau whom “God” said He hated before Esau was born…Read Deuteronomy 7:6 for the “Supremacist” call out…

  5. Sir Charles (unregistered) on January 29th, 2006 @ 9:32 pm

    Thanks for the info about the insidious cancer in the Portland Area called “White Supremacy” but We didn’t know it is cancerous…Somebody has got to be “Supreme” simply because “The Bible” of The Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Israel says it and since Long “History” has shown all three of these Godly “Men” to be “White” then the “Whites” have the job,,,by the way that name was given to “The Children of Israel” by the lineage of their brother, Esau whom “God” said He hated before Esau was born…Read Deuteronomy 7:6 for the “Supremacist” call out…

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