Investigative blogging – an update to an earlier post

I’ve been asked to explain a little more about one of my posts about a sinister force in Portland, Oregon.

I would also liked to take this time to say there’s a lot of cool teenagers out there and one of them is benkay.

The following is from a witness by the name of Jack Hammer.

Bell sat on the King’s Bench, presided over by Chief Justice Charles
Stewart of the Multnomah County Common Law Court (MCCLC), with such
luminaries of the common law as Roger Weidner, the deputy district
attorney for fraud, the man who discovered it in the system and went mad, forcibly interred at the state hospital for the insane by Judge Dorothy Baker, of the Multnomah County District Court, who, 13 years ago was in the same office Bell is suspected of bombing.

And on the other side of Bell, on the King’s bench, sits Lunch, Dick
Lancial, who the editor met in the back of a donut shop, magnificent guy, clerk for the MCCLC, charged with simulating court process, rousted from bed in his underwear and his computer seized by Portland city police the same moments the Feds were kicking in the door of Bell’s elderly parents in their sweet Vancouver, Washington home to seize his computer.

A document found on Bell’s computer reportedly bragged about bombing the editor’s office 13 years ago.

Twelve angry men. Some quiet, reserved, others open and talkative. Some with grievances. Some with quieter agendas.

All of them white men. Calvinist Jeff Weakly, pastor for the court, who the editor met in a bookshop, standing behind a counter expounding on the true lost tribes of Israel.

Jim Bleakly, campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate in Washington State, who the editor met while doing a talk show in a radio station.

The U. S. Department of Justice issued the following press release.


June 7, 2002

[1] Assistant Attorney General Eileen J. O’Connor and United States Attorney Michael W. Mosman announced today that a federal jury in Portland, Oregon, convicted six defendants, Richard George Flowers, Dorothy Lenore Flowers, Jeffrey Allen Weakley, John David Anderson, Ronald William Stacey, and Dan Romaine Kirkham, of conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All defendants were associated with the Christian Patriot Association, a warehouse bank located in Boring, Oregon, which provided anonymous banking for 900 members nationwide. According to proof at trial. this warehouse bank was operated for the purpose of impeding and impairing the Internal Revenue Service and bad deposits totaling $186 million during the 14-year span of the conspiracy. The jury also found Richard George Flowers guilty of failure to file federal income tax returns for 1995 and 1996 and found Anderson, Ronald and Elecia Stacey, and Dan Romaine Kirkham guilty of tax evasion.

[2] The indictment alleged a conspiracy that involved a nationwide web of financial transactions from March 1986 until July 2000. The scheme was designed to enable members to conduct banking transactions anonymously by using numbered accounts that were come singled in a single comercial bank account.

[3] “The jury’s verdict sends a clear message that criminals who hide income and assets to evade payment of taxes and who willfully fail to file income tax returns will be held accountable,” said Deputy Assistant Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. “People who commit tax fraud are not patriots.”

[4] Evidence presented to the jury showed that defendants Richard Flowers and Dorothy Flowers founded the Christian Patriot Association (CPA), and along with Jeff Weakley, operated it from its headquarters in Boring, Oregon. Identifying customers by numbers rather than names, CPA conducted anonymous banking transactions for over 900 customers nationwide, including defendants John Anderson, Ronald Stacey and Elecia Stacey of Oregon, and Dr. Dan Romaine Kirkham of California.

[5] Christian Patriot Association members would send deposits of checks, cash, money orders, and cashiers checks to CPA. The deposits of all members were commingled into commercial bank accounts held in the name of CPA Services in Oregon and Arizona. CPA would then pay bills for and mail cash to CPA members. As a result, the banking transactions of CPA members were virtually untraceable.

[[6] Testimony established that CPA mailed over $10 million in cash to its members. The defendants used multiple alias names and false social security numbers to facilitate the scheme. Defendant Jeff Weakley admitted at trial that he forged the family tree in a Bible he bought at a second-hand bookstore as proof of identity in order to get a false social security number in an alias name. Defendant John Anderson testified that he stopped filing federal income tax returns in 1982 because he resented paying taxes. He used at least six alias names. Dan Romaine Kirkham, a medical doctor and lawyer from California, used one alias and at least five social security numbers, and testified that be made them up when he needed one. Ronald and Elecia Stacey titled their vehicles in an alias name in order to hide them from the IRS.

[7] John Anderson, Ronald and Elecia Stacey, and Dan Romaine Kirkham, were convicted of evading the payment of over $1,448,657 in federal taxes, penalties, and interest. The evidence showed that Dorothy Flowers notarized the alias names of several defendants, including her husband, Richard Flowers, who used an alias to open bank accounts, title vehicles and create trusts. Anderson used the CPA warehouse bank services, multiple aliases and post office boxes, sham trusts and a false social security number to hide his assets from the IRS. He also used $81,000 in cash to purchase a helicopter, which he titled in the name of his 10-year old son. The Staceys, former owners of the Tickle Your Fancy Florist Shop in Clackamas, Oregon, used multiple business names and the CPA warehouse bank services to conceal their income and assets from the IRS.

[8] When IRS employees attempted to collect outstanding taxes owed by the Staceys, the Staceys filed a “common law” criminal complaint against them. Dr. Kirkham counseled Dorothy and Arnold Mitchell to hide their income at CPA.

[9] The evidence established that the Flowers, who reside in Sandy, Oregon, and John Anderson have not filed federal income tax returns since 1982; Jeff Weakley, a resident of Portland, Oregon, has not filed income tax returns since 1985. Ronald and Elecia Stacey, residents of Milwaukee, Oregon, did not file timely federal income tax returns between 1991 and 1996. Dr. Kirkham, a resident of Orange County, California, has not filed an income tax return since 1992.

[10] Each defendant faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each of the conspiracy and tax evasion convictions. The failure to file charges against Richard Flowers carry a penalty of up to one year imprisonment for each count and a fine of up to $100,000. Jeff Weakley was acquitted of the two charges of failing to file his federal income tax returns for 1995 and 1996.

[11] This case was prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Jen E. Ihlo, Melissa Schraibman, and Amanda Cruser of the United States Department of Justice, Tax Division, Criminal Enforcement Section. Special Agents with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation, conducted the investigation.

Now see if you see any names from the first blockquote and the second blockquote that are the same.

By the way, check out the following hate email sent to me.

Date: 12/9/2003 04:17:57 -0800

From: “Peter/CLGUS”

Reply-to: “Peter/CLGUS”

To: editor CC: “jeff weakley”,


Subject: treason

john michael hays,

are you in a conspiracy to commit treason?

i have come to know of the work of leroy schweitzer, charles stewart, & jeffrey weakley. i believe these men to be honorable patriots saving america.

i see that you have criticized them, but that you seem not to have any sworn affidavits in support of your accusations.

it seems that your making slanderous accusations against these good american patriots in order to destroy their efforts at saving america from hostile take-over from the babylonian-whore jurisdiction as described in revelation 17.

again, are you in a conspiracy to commit treason?

please answer in a timlely manner; or your silence may be presumed as an admission by you that by your cowardly silence you are admitting that the answer to the above question is “yes”; & that a conscience-bound & constitutionally-lawful jury has full lawful right & duty to try you for your evil crime of treasonous conspiracy and to sentence you to absolotely what-ever punnishment they unanimously deem to be constitutionally justified.



If you put two and two and two together you might see a pattern.

It looks like if these guys have their way the Pieman might have to prosecute a bunch of people.

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