Doctor Death in Portland

It seems we have a Doctor Death in Portland.

The following is an excerpt from

By Paul Bukta
and KATU Web Staff

Portland, Ore. – Australian authorities are after a man who has been dubbed ‘Doctor Death’ and who has been living in Portland.

The man they are after, Dr. Jayant Patel, actually practiced here in Portland from 1989 to 2001 before moving to Australia.

According to an Australian newspaper investigation, three Oregon patients died after being operated on by Dr. Patel.

The paper also links the doctor to several deaths and injuries in Australia and says he deliberately withheld bodies from autopsies to cover up his botched surgeries.

Man, this certainly doesn’t seem to be a healthy situation. Maybe the state medical board is asleep at the wheel. Maybe they can prescribe themselves coffee to keep them awake.

It seems the feds are investigating Dr. Ron Turco of Washington County for falsifying medical reports for money, but there’s a place for us non-fed types to investigate docs and other stuff.

Get consumer information on:

1. Physician Quality Reports
2. Hospital Ratings
3. Nursing Home Ratings

Sometimes the Oregon Department of Justice does something about doctors who are not only incompetent but also crooked.


Attorney General Hardy Myers today filed a lawsuit in Washington County Circuit Court against two Oregon medical doctors alleging violations of state consumer protection laws in the unlawful sale and advertising of prescription drugs on the Internet and from a clinic in Tigard. Named in the lawsuit are Dr. Steven Gabriel Moos (pronounced Moss) of Tigard, a medical doctor of “lifestyle” medicine doing business in Oregon as Frontier Medical Clinic of Tigard and the Center for Menís Health, LLC and Dr. Thomas Holeman of Milwaukie, a current employee of Moos at the Tigard clinic. Dr. Moos also has a clinic in Grants Pass.

The case was initially referred to the Oregon Department of Justice by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners (BME), who in 2000 placed Dr. Moos on ten years of probation for problems associated with advertising and selling prescription drugs over the Internet. The BME subsequently became aware of additional misconduct by Moos as a result of his criminal indictment in Multnomah County for unlawful drug use and a criminal investigation in California related to practicing medicine without a license. Moosí medical license was suspended by the BME on an emergency basis in January 2003. The emergency suspension was confirmed as a final order in April 2003.

This reminds me of the time a white supremacist Washington County cop by the name of Doug Brown thought I was a homosexual and that I was working to destroy the white race with the AID’s virus. I’m not gay and I don’t have AID’s but I had to go to a Kaiser Permanente Hospital up on a hill overlooking the Willamette River for a shoulder injury. Crazy Brown found out I was going to the doctor and he made arrangements for the doctor to do a revolutionary medical test to determine if I was a homosexual. So this doctor did the homosexual tests instead of taking tests to diagnose the shoulder injury. I had to go to another doctor outside of Kaiser to get the proper health treatment.

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