I blew it and now I wish to apologize to benkay

Man, can I be a hypocrite or what?!! I actually made some comments about a post by benkay wherein I criticized his use of some words.

I owe him an apology and this is it.

Blogging is about throwing ideas out on the internet. No matter what religion, political persuasion, or ethnic group, etc. you are a member of, the ideas deserve discussion.

Sometimes the discussions become somewhat heated and sometimes the discussions become elevated into the struggle for one person’s or group’s ideas to take precedence or overcome other ideas; hence I like a good political or religious debate.

Sometimes blogging involves using words that somebody might find objectionable. Sometimes usual conversation between individuals in various situations; e.g. work, play areas, bars, theaters, concerts, baseball parks, might involve words some might find offensive. This is a part of the real world. Deal with it.

Again I owe an apology to benkay and I hope he accepts it and continues to use any word he wants to use in his posts.

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