Ken Reusser, an Oregon war hero, becomes a piece of shit

Ken Reusser is an interesting character. Not as interesting as Audie Murphy, but still interesting. He was awareded many medals. He had a downfall and lost all his money, his house, and he was arrested at the age of 83.

I admire what he accomplished. On this website I’m going to explain his downfall because it’s a story that needs to be told and the main stream media haven’t managed to get all the facts in one story.

According to the Washington Times:

By the time his 27-year career ended, records show, he was shot down five times and was awarded four Purple Hearts, two Navy Crosses, two Bronze Stars, two Legions of Merit and 18 Air Medals.

According to a story by

Three years ago, the Reussers said they lost $262,500 in a high-yield investment they learned about from friends. That, along with the $83,383 they lost to Thomas, forced them to file for bankruptcy in August.

What kind of friends would tell the Reussers to invest that much money in what turned out to be a scam? And who profited? Let’s hear from some of the supposed friends of Ken Reusser about a hearing in court when Washington Mutual realized some anti-government zealots were trying to rip off the bank.

On Monday the 7th, 2003, Judge McElligott called the Reussers and the bank’s attorney before the Court, as he had scheduled. There were more than 30 supporters, as observers and witnesses for the Reussers from several states. Included were veterans, including State Senate Candidate Jesse Lott, several political activists, and former Candidate for Governor, Roger Weidner.

I wonder where we know Roger Weidner from. If we check out this post we find out that Roger Weidner was not only insane but also involved with crazy white supremacists. This, of course, brings up the question: Is Michael Schrunk competent and bright enough to clean his department of crazy white supremacists? Personally, I don’t think so. In any event, let’s continue the thread of the point I’m trying to get across.

The following is from a witness by the name of Jack Hammer.

Bell sat on the King’s Bench, presided over by Chief Justice Charles Stewart of the Multnomah County Common Law Court (MCCLC), with such luminaries of the common law as Roger Weidner, the deputy district attorney for fraud, the man who discovered it in the system and went mad, forcibly interred at the state hospital for the insane by Judge Dorothy Baker, of the Multnomah County District Court, who, 13 years ago was in the same office Bell is suspected of bombing.

And on the other side of Bell, on the King’s bench, sits Lunch, Dick
Lancial, who the editor met in the back of a donut shop, magnificent guy, clerk for the MCCLC, charged with simulating court process, rousted from bed in his underwear and his computer seized by Portland city police the same moments the Feds were kicking in the door of Bell’s elderly parents in their sweet Vancouver, Washington home to seize his computer.

A document found on Bell’s computer reportedly bragged about bombing the editor’s office 13 years ago.

Twelve angry men. Some quiet, reserved, others open and talkative. Some with grievances. Some with quieter agendas.

All of them white men. Calvinist Jeff Weakly, pastor for the court, who the editor met in a bookshop, standing behind a counter expounding on the true lost tribes of Israel.

Jim Bleakly, campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate in Washington State, who the editor met while doing a talk show in a radio station. has more info about an unfortunate situation.

BEAVERTON — A highly-decorated war hero and his wife, who were swindled out of more than $80,000 by their accountant and evicted from their Beaverton home, are now in jail after being arrested for trespassing.

Ken and Trudy Reusser were forced out of their home by Washington County Sheriff’s deputies in March, the couple said. The deputies removed the couple because the pair was unable to pay the mortgage for the home, which sits on land once owned by Ken Reusser’s grandfather.

Now the Reussers are in Washington County Jail in Hillsboro after apparently trying to re-enter their $1 million former home, the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

ìA few weeks ago, attorneys for Washington Mutual Bank filed a criminal complaint with The Washington County Sheriffís Office for Criminal Trespass in the first degree against the Reussers,î said sheriff’s office spokesman Rick Lamanna.

On May 24, when the initial trespassing complaint was received by the sheriffís office, Lamana said sheriffís deputies notified the Ruessersí attorney about the complaint and that an arrest warrant was likely to be issued.

On Thursday, deputies took the Ruessers into custody after a judge issued the warrant.

Now let’s see what the three official (that’s right…really official) press releases from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office have to say.

– – In recent months, representation from Washington Mutual Bank and Kenneth Reusserís family have been engaged in serious discussions to try and resolve matters between them in a way that would have eliminated the involvement of the court system. Apparently that has not been fruitful as a few weeks ago, attorneys for Washington Mutual filed a criminal complaint with The Washington County Sheriffís Office for Criminal Trespass in the first degree against the Reussers.

After the previous eviction of the Ruesserís, the Sheriff met with Mr. Ruesser and some of his advisors. The Sheriff explained that Mr. Ruesser was placing himself in circumstances, which could produce a warrant for Trespass if the Bank sought to pursue that course. The Sheriff further explained that he was sworn to do his duty and if the court so ordered, his deputies would have to carry out the serving of a warrant. Due to officer safety tactics, the sheriff informed them that we would not be able to give any for warning as to when we would serve the warrant.

On approximately May 24th, 2004, when the initial complaint for trespass was received by the Sheriffís Office, command staff personnel notified Mr. Ruesserís attorney of the complaint and that a warrant was likely to be forthcoming.

The Sheriffís Office conducted an investigation and had contact directly with the Ruessers during the process so they were aware of the unfolding events. The facts of the investigation were then presented to the district attorney and circuit court. As a result, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Kenneth and Trudy Ruesser for First degree Criminal Trespass.

Today, Sheriffís Deputies served the arrest warrants taking the Ruessers into custody without incident. Both have been processed at the Washington County Jail in Hillsboro. There is every reason to believe that they will be released in a fairly short time period once they have been processed through booking.

Criminal Trespass is a Class A misdemeanor.

Time for a break. Ok, now let’s go on to press release number two.

– – On Saturday March 27, 2004, deputies with the Washington County Sheriffís Office were dispatched to a reported trespass at the home of Kenneth and Gertrude Reusser, which is located at 17345 SW Reusser Court in Beaverton.

The Reussers were evicted from the property, by court order, on March 19, 2004. Deputies were ordered by the court to serve the eviction. The Sheriffís Office had no choice but to carry out the eviction.

That same day, March 19, 2004, Wachovia Bank, the bank that brought the eviction process, took ownership of the property and changed the locks.

Through an agreement with the bank the Reussers were allowed back into their home starting Monday March 22, 2004 to collect their belongings. On Saturday, March 27, 2004, a realtor, whoíd been unlocking the property for the Reussers, learned that the Reussers had changed the lock on the house and were refusing to vacate the property.

The Sheriffís Office does not plan any further action at this time. The issue rests with the Reussers, Wachovia Bank and the Circuit Court.

Now it gets really sleazy.

Update (June 3, 2004):
Richard Jones is refusing to cooperate and will not allow us to process his picture and finger prints at this time. The Columbia County officials are in route to retrieve him and will email us his picture later when they book him in at their facility.

WASHINGTON COUNTY – – During the service of warrants for arrest of the Ruessers, Sheriff Deputies made contact with two people living in the basement of the Ruesser home. The male subject was present the last time we were there to serve eviction process. The last time he refused to open the door for us, which required us to force entry with guns drawn. Mr. Jones also furnished false information about his identity, which in Oregon is a crime.

This time they also refused to come out cooperatively when called to by deputies. Three deputies with guns drawn entered the house and searched for anyone inside. Finally the two came out from the basement area and deputies detained them.

At first the two refused to identify themselves and were verbally uncooperative. Eventually deputies were able to gain cooperation and identify them. A check with our computer revealed that he was a wanted fugitive for Burglary out of Columbia County and she was wanted for Eluding police in Marion County.

At the time that the search of the home took place, the Ruessers had already been removed cooperatively. At no time were guns drawn and presented in view of the Ruessers. Mrs. Ruesser was taken into custody on a routine traffic contact on SW 175th Ave. on Cooper Mountain. She told us to contact her husband and she believed he would be cooperative. We made phone contact with Mr. Ruesser and he voluntarily came out of the house. Although he refused to get dressed, both were transported without incident to the jail in an unmarked and uncaged car.

At the writing of this release both Ruesserís are going through routine procedure in booking and are having a third person of their choosing review the standard release agreement before they sign it. We expect both to be released on their own recognizance.

The full identities of the two fugitives taken into custody are:

Carla Marie Jones – 01-24-56
Richard Orrin Jones – 01-31-51

Now how the hell did Washing County citizens let one of its most treasured heros be lured in to being ripped off by a bunch of crazy white supremacists and then isolate him from his fellow citizens in such a way that the white supremacists pretty much destroyed the Reussers.

Are the people of Washington County so engrossed in their own petty, immediate gratifications that once they get their booze and their piece of ass they don’t care what happens to the elderly and disabled in Washington County?

How could the citizens and veterans of Washington County have allowed a white supremacist cop by the name of Doug Brown to take over American Legion Post 104 and attempt to deny minority, qualified veterans from being allowed in?

All qualified veterans, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political persuasion should be allowed to partake of the amenities of American Legion Post 104 in Aloha, Oregon.

I quit the post in disgust after the white supremacist cop, Doug Brown, took over, but I still believe the veterans in Washington County know the difference between right and wrong and that they will eliminate the white supremacist influence in Post 104.

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