Author Faves: Beat that heat!

Today’s question is: What is your favorite way to beat the heat? I know we don’t get a whole lot, but when we do it can be brutal. Here are some tips from the MetroBloggers:

Senor Pieman stopped fanning long enough to say:

Beer and movie at the Mission.
In Portland, what’s better than a local microbrew? How about drinking the beer in an air-conditioned movie theater while watching an inexpensive film? And, if you’re hungry, you can order a burger or pizza or anything else on the menu. Truly one of Portland’s greatest hot-weather avoidance mechanisms.

Thien-Kim, was sporting a parka and cargo shorts and said:
My favorite way to beat the heat is to wait five minutes. What’s up with this weather?! And what’s this about recent snow on Hood?

Russ diverted his attention from his mint julep and told me:
If I have the time, I take one of two drives that are sure to get me into cooler climes.
*I-84 East, 35 up to Government Camp, then climb to Timberline Lodge, where I’ll cool off even more. Then down, picking up Highway 26 back into town.
*Sunset to 101, up thru Seaside to Astoria and over the bridge. Then back over Washington Hwy 4 until Cathalemet. Cross the Columbia by Ferry, picking up US 30 at Westport for the drive back in.
Betsy paused in her pursuit of the ice cream truck to clue me in:
My favorite ways to beat the heat: Running through a sprinkler. Dipping my feet in the splash pool at Grant (if I can elbow the kiddies out of the way, that is.) Then a homemade sno-cone from the cart outside the Grant Pool, if possible – or a large BombPop (yes, those red, white and blue popsicles) from an ice cream cart or nearby convenience store.

Josh had a mouthful of Nutty Buddy but managed to write me a note:
My best tip is for summer bicycle-commuters. As a bike commuter, I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty when I get to my destination. But when those 85 and 90-degree days hit, I can hardly bike three blocks without overheating.

My simple and effective tip is this: Loosely tie a wet bandana around your neck. I don’t know how it works, but it works. And it’s FREE.

The Recently Yet Only Temporarily Departed Benkay stopped slurping down blue Otter Pop long enough to weigh in with:

For beating the heat, nothing tops ice-skating at Lloyd. Nothing. I mean, you’re on ice. Literally. And skating. It’s pretty sweet. I also enjoy the theatre option from time to time.

And mine? Banana Lee Fishbones is no stranger to heat. That’s not to say I enjoy it, but I can survive it. For immediate gratification I am not above the ‘spritz water in the fan’ standby. Otherwise, movies or a drive with the A/C on to someplace shady. If there’s no shade to be had, it’s off to find a store that sells the recently reintroduced pudding pop.

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