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R.I.P. Meier and Frank

R.I.P. Meier and Frank

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Macy’s this week announced it would be changing all the names of its stores to Macy’s. Thus ending a 148 year run for old M&F. Kinda sad really since both Meier and Frank were early pioneers in Portland. One of the family’s estate became a large portion of what is now Lewis and Clark College. Goodbye Meier and Frank. hopefully, the name change won’t affect the “biggest sale of the year” that occurs every weekend. I am always up for 90% off sales.

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update: it has been brought to my attention that the above post may not be clear. Federated, the owner of Macy’s, M&F, Hechts, and Filene’s, will be changing the name of all stores to Macy’s.

Watch where you’re walking

as an avid walker in this wonderful city, i am also a little of a vigilante when it comes to how cars treat me. i’ve been known to slap car trunks, walk slower through a crosswalk, yell at drivers, even call the police on one. many a time i have wished i had a coffee or drink or rotten tomato in my hand to throw at the windshield of someone who doesn’t obey the crosswalk rules.

well, the Portland Tribune has a great article today about how dangerous it is getting in Portland and Oregon as a whole for walkers and bicyclists. 9 people so far this year have been killed by drivers while out walking and biking. and get this, down in Salem, they want to repeal the law requiring drivers to wait for a pedestrian to fully cross a crosswalk and replace it with a 6′ buffer zone. when driving, do drivers really know how to gauge 6′ feet?
so, keep both eyes open and watch the cars because sometimes they aren’t watching for you.

To do tonight! – go see a movie

If you’re still vacillating between going to the pizza parlor (again) or doing a movie night in your hot hot house, I have a new suggestion to throw out.

Hit Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight for Flicks On the Bricks. They setup a huge inflatable screen and show classic movies. Tonight’s movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark starring Harrison Ford. This is a family friendly event, but it is partly sponsored by Bridgeport Brewing, so they may sell beer. I’m not sure.

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Oregon Brewers Festival

When I think of the political scene lately, the irresistable urge to drink heavily comes to mind. While I don’t think that’s the impetus behind BlueOregon founder Jeff Alworth’s comprehensive Insiders Guide to the Oregon Brew Festival, both blue staters and red state types will benefit from the results of his obsession.

Jeff offers up not one but “two printable (.pdf) checklists: one with breweries sorted by style, and one sorted by state”, and provides a detailed list of four don’t miss beers, and another dozen worth considering. And with 72 beers under the big white tent(s)? There’s got to be something there for you to rally around (along with several hundred other like-minded souls.)

Beer – it’s a uniter, not a divider.

Favorite places to walk your dogs

So, Ollie (my dobie) and I went on a walk today. Our usual circuit, meandering through the neighborhood and flirting at the edge of the local dog park. Would’ve gone in, but it was 15 minutes ago and I wasn’t really up to getting lost in the park for an hour as my dog darted through the shadows.

Anyway, despite only being about 10 months old, and only having had a real owner since February, Ollie’s progressing nicely and today got to go on an entire walk sans leash. I’ve finally got her stopping herself at corners and waiting, where she’ll sit at my feet until I decide it’s all clear and give her a good “Let’s go!” that sends her scampering across.

When things are going well, dog ownership is awesome. Must be something similar with real kids, I’d think, except instead of looking at you funny, they can talk back, too.

Anyway, the point: the only dog park I’ve actually been to is the local one (Woodstock), but I’m curious what other nearby places (besides the ocean) are a must for my puppy. Ideas?

Flickr and Google Spellers

Spell with Flickr:

PO MeTallyrand restaurant sign, Burbankshpping container tDSC00056\"A\" is for AtlanticND

Google logo maker:

googled stumptown

I love when Oregon makes national news!

Some sarcasm there as usually the news isn’t that good. Today on CNN’s front page, there’s a story about the London bombings and the ties to our fair state.

“U.S. authorities wanted to capture Aswat, who was then in South Africa, and question him about a 1999 plot to establish a “jihad training camp” in Bly, Oregon.”

Yup, come to Oregon where we have salmon, trees, the coast and a suspected jihad training camp. Weeeee.

Yummy tuna melt

Yummy tuna melt

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I was so hungry and focused, i didn’t think to take a picture of the sandwich. Half and Half is a great little coffe shop/restaurant. During lunch, they have great sandwiches and salads. I have had the world famous tuna melt and the muffalat. we have had them cater a party also and the fixins were top notch. Check them out sometime.

I wandered about downtown looking at people and stuff and there is a general ease in the air. Maybe it is thursday or the sun or the noontime concert, i don’t know, but it felt good. Way to go portland.

It could be that dennis rodman is in town too.

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Burger wars?

Burger wars?

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Ok, here comes my review of the burger at castagna. Mind you, i am a huge fan of higgin’s, so my review may be jaded. First off, castagna is a first rate restaurant with excellent atmosphere, comfortable seating and a wonderful staff. The cocktail menu is crazy, but we didn’t go to drink. The burger….. Well, i have to say i enjoyed it. I’ve said it. I like the castagna burger! Is it the best in town? Well……… I am going to stick with higgins. The burger at castagna was well made with the highest quality beef, a burger that doesn’t need any condiments because it is flavored so well. The challenge for e was the sesame seed bun. I thought i was eating at castagna. It isn’t that the bun is bad, it just didn’t add anything to the experience. (higgins serves its burger with a rosemary bun.) i loved the seasonal tomato slice – so juicy and flavorful. I loved the garlic aioli (sp). And the fries are the best in town. In the end, i will go back and eat the burger. Castagna cafe may become a new hangout for jaek and i. Is it the best burger in town?………… Go try it yourself as that is what really matters…..

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Details matter

PDX author Chelsea Cain (also known as Calendar Girl in The O’s A&E for you non-literary types) wrote a snarky review about Terry McMillan’s latest book – ‘The Interruption of Everything’: You Go on a Diet, Girl! – in The New York Times last week.

But as fellow author Jennifer Weiner points out on her blog – well, you blow right past snark and right into insulting when you get a key detail wrong – the detail that your headline hinges on, no less. From the lead:

MARILYN GRIMES, the narrator of Terry McMillan’s shrug of a novel, is an upper-middle-class black woman struggling with female problems. Specifically, she’s 44 with a 44-inch waist.

Whoops – that 44-inch waist? Nonexistent. Move the tape measure down a few inches and you’ll be in the right territory. Right next to the hips of millions of other women who wear a size 14/16.

I’ve read great reviews of Chelsea’s books (including The O, of course, which won’t surprise anyone), so they’re on my to-read list, just out of curiosity. And I definitely skirt the edges of snark myself from time to time (and have landed on my posterior with similar gaffes, to be fair.)

But that snarky, dismissive tone that makes Calendar Girl such a painful read (try this one on for size, along with my own way-too-over-the-top reply) – coupled with that slip of the hips – just might have bitten Chelsea in her oh-so-diminutive (one hopes, for her sake) rear.

In the New York Times, no less…

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