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Chess in the park

Chess in the park

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One thing i love about pioneer square is the public chess boards in the NW corner. Today there were probably 20 people huddled around 4 games. Some of the patrons had their clocks too. I love portland.

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Wrath of Katrina?

Spotted today while patrolling the town:


That’s right, kids, we’ve broken $3.

Of course, the excuse will be that Katrina’s knocked out gas refineries in the Gulf States.

But, hey, wasn’t the old excuse for our high gas prices that we were constrained to the output of the refineries up in Washington?

What’s the highest gas price you’ve seen?

AOL’s Case, Lee Iaccoca buy into FlexCar

This according to a blurb from The Portland Biz Journal’s daily news bulletins (do yourself a favor and subscribe via your RSS reader.) And it looks like Case is still in think big/world domination mode:

“Based on recent national surveys and our analysis of the market, we believe Flexcar can grow to serve a million members, sharing 20,000 cars, five years from now,” Case said in a statement.

As long as we don’t start seeing a mass marketing push like that ubiquitous never-ending AOL disk mailing campaign, I guess this could mean good things. But my advice here? Stick to the basics first before you seek to conquer this world, Steve…

Not just lights…sirens too!

Can anyone tell me why it appears that every one of Portland’s Police cars is “hanging out” on the east side of 82nd between about Burnside and the freeway overpass?

Some had lights on and some not and it was really weird. KATU had a van there too, but they were driving around looking to park I think, they weren’t broadcasting or anything.

It’s freaking me out.

Edit: It turns out there is finally something on the web about it! Since KGW demands registration and I morally object, I’ll link you instead to the KOIN site where they have a version of the story you can read.

That doesn’t change the fact that driving home from Wendy’s last night scared the hell out of me. I think we counted something like 14 police cars. I’m glad Sgt. Schmautz is amused, but for a second I totally thought Apocalypse Ground Zero was going to be right near 82nd and Glisan.

We’ve got a new Metroblogging PDX group up over at

What’s it for? Well, we’re going to expand on our previous group meeting (over beer, natch)- but this time, we’ll extend the invitation to the rest of you as well! We might also use it to alert you to information about events & other cool things happening around town – the calendar feature’s quite interesting.

AND – it’s free, free, free. (Except for any beer you might drink at any future gathering, that is. As much as we’d love to spring for beer – well, this is still very much a labor of love for us all…)

While I’m in meta-mode – did you know you can get a list of the posts one of us have made by clicking on their name below a post they’ve written? And do you have a PDX-specific blog resource we should add to our blogroll?

Now – who’s up for beer?

oh, injury.

The latest NOLS newsletter came in the mail recently. Surprise: there was an article in it concerning the rescue of a friend of mine, who was in a rafting accident on the Green River this past spring.

An excerpt from ìIt’s All Fun and Games Until You See The ëEddy Outí and ëFirst Aidí Hand Signalsî: A Wilderness Evacuation on a Personal Rafting Trip, by Catherine Stifter WMI-NOLS instructor, W-EMT, with Dave Yacubian, WMI-NOLS instructor, W-EMT:

Time check: 2:00pm – Our friend Belle was sitting in river water on the floor of the boat with ìpainî written all over her face. A paddling companion Tom (a WMI WFR) was stabilizing her lower left leg and foot, which was displaced a quarter turn from normal. Dave Yacubian knew the inch-deep, purple indentation at mid-shin was a fracture, but he asked for my second opinion. Leaning carefully on the raft to assess her injury elicited guarding and groaning. All the toes on both feet were cold and numb. We had an anxious patient with mild shocky vitals. On a scale of zero to broken, I guessed it was a 10.

Ouch! Belle’s been recovering nicely–hooray–and lucky for her, she had health insurance. But I’ve also spent an evening sitting in the ER at OHSU, waiting with an uninsured friend who was extremely stressed out from intense pain and, well, uninsurance. Quite possibly worrying about how he was going to pay for his emergency room visit was exacerbating his experience. I’m also uninsured, and when I crashed my bike recently and hurt my shoulder, I limped along for two weeks before I scraped together the resources to get my shoulder “looked” at. In the meantime, I was still working, trying to avoid lifting the heavy things but failing because, well, heavy lifting’s a part of my job.

So hold up, here: I’m a seasonal employee in the outdoor industry, I like to play, and should anything happen, I’ll be bearing the full brunt of that bruising. I encourage people to get outside and push themselves, and were I to take my own advice, I could get in some serious trouble. I did take my advice, and though I’m healing, I’m still a little freaked out because three weeks after the fact, I still can’t lift many things. It’s a difficult dichotomy. I can’t be alone in this dilemma, either, because Portland is a town filled with adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom pursue employment seasonally, like I do.

Perhaps I’m not pursuing my care options aggressively enough, but what’s there to be done about situations like these?

Plate and Pitchfork

Portland has a wonderful restaurant scene as we all know. Portland restaurants also pride themselves in serving locally grown farm fresh food. One of the leading organizations that champions this tradition is Plate and Pitchfork. Started by Erika Polmar and Emily Berreth, Plate and Pitchfork takes you out of the restaurant and onto the farm. The food though is created by the leading chefs of Portland’s culinary scene. Over the past month, Plate and Pitchfork has hosted dinners at the following farms around Portland: Lone Elder Farms in Canby, Sauvie Island Organics, Dancing Roots Farm in Troutdale, and Baggenstos Farm in Sherwood. Chefs featured included David Machado from Lauro Kitchen, Vitaly Paley from Paley’s Place, Jason Owens and John Gorham from Simpatico and Viande Meat and Sausage Co., John Taboada from Navarre, Rich Meyer from Higgins, and Aaron Dionne and Scott Dolich from Park Kitchen. Wow, what a list. These dinners feature local wines also.

Well, you haven’t missed out. Zenger Farms (where we get some of our weekly farm share by the way) is hosting a Plate and Pitchfork dinner September 9 and 10. Featured Chefs for Friday Sept. 9 will be Rob Pando of Red Star Tavern and Kjeld Peterson of Wild Plum Catering. Wine will be from Elk Cove Vinyards. Featured Chefs for Saturday Sept. 10 will be Lyle Jost of Mint and John Taboada of Navarre. Solena Cellars will provide the wine.

This is your last chance until next summer to enjoy the bounty of the season as prepared by some of the northwest’s best chefs. And to tour a working farm and CSA at that. Email for more information. These events sell out fast.


I know that our friends in the South (…I just realized I know precisely 0 people in the south. Interesting fact. Limits of the internet and whatnot. Blah) are suffering from an excess of rain and wind at the moment, but I just want to throw it out there that I’m totally enjoying the rain. It is, of course, playing hell with my plans to install a new amp in the trunk. But that is to be expected, this being Portland, city of grey.

Did I just hear that?

So, I’m the first person to stand up and tell people to get over themselves. I tend to think that people hold on to stuff and do things in the name of for a lot longer than is reasonable.

That’s not to say I’m heartless or anything…I’m all for having a tribute and moments of silence (even though I gotta go with George Carlin on that one, why is it silence, they’re dead, not sleeping, why isn’t it a moment of screaming instead?) and all that kind of stuff when it is appropriate, but there comes a point where you have to put your big boy pants on and face the world anyway.

That’s why I was surprised I felt weird when I heard that there was going to be an Air Show scheduled for the same weekend as-well, scheduled for the weekend of September 11th.

That sat wrong with me; the fact that it bugged me also kind of bugged me, since I’m the one to tell people to move on. I guess that means it still isn’t time. I wonder who will go?

Flexcar rally

Flexcar rally

Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

Currently, despite the rain, about 100+ people are out to support Flexcar at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The gov is here too. Yup, I got within about 3′ of him.

Portland has adopted Flexcar as an alternative and now the state will.

welcome to portland ted. And thanks for getting the state to use flexcar.

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