the sound of one hand typing…

…is a quiet sound indeed. Has anybody missed me? I had a bike accident recently, and I think my shoulder is now beginning to heal.

Tonight my mates and I grilled a chicken in a spicy blackberry bbq sauce. The blackberries were picked this morning, two blocks south of the house, in the church parking lot. Yum. Dm came over, and while ‘ren and I were hashing out some storyboards, Dm disappeared into the garage and reappeared with The Blade of Death, a scythe that terrorizes the dandelions we can’t get with our pushmower.

Dm was really stoked on The Blade of Death. He couldn’t wait to take it to the front yard. Neither could we wait for him to take it to the front yard, so we followed him ’round front, where he began to swing at the weeds in a controlled, yet haphazard manner.

This method ultimately proved ineffectual, and while the guys were standing around brainstorming about how one could best utilize this really cool yet somewhat archaic tool, a woman of a more sophisticated age walked by.

“My grandfather used to use one of those,” she said.

And so she had the complete attention of three young men.

They begged her to demonstrate the scythe’s use, and she complied. It was awesome to watch this woman school the guys. It was even more awesome that the guys took her lesson and demonstration to heart, thanking her profusely before she continued on her evening constitutional.

Not long afterwards, a door-to-door saleswoman stopped in on our little party and attempted to pitch mortgages to us. She didn’t get very far along in her rap before she had a scythe pressed into her hand, and a weed presented to her.

She was a good sport about the whole thing.

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  1. Betsy (unregistered) on August 9th, 2005 @ 7:42 am

    Sorry to hear about the bike accident – but glad to hear your voice again here!

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