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Big shout out

… to all the thousands of NOLA and Gulf Coast residents heading for higher ground. Oh yeah, I apologize for being a bit redundant and posting on the same topic, but this feels important. I was going to blog about Dove Lewis again, but she can wait and I know she’d understand…

I must admit, I’m resentful of most main stream media’s scare tactics, what with them trying to keep us all numb and afraid about things that might happen or freaking us out about possible scenarios. Just listen to the language of the 6, 10 and 11 o’clock news and you’ll know what I mean. Then, when it comes right down to it, we’ve wasted our time and energy over nothing while we rush to the supermarket to buy air freshener and spot remover after being inundated violently by advertising conglomerates. Do I sound a wee bitter and jaded? Well, that’s a discussion best left for another day.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to those citizens who must be grappling with uncertainty and, though I hate to admit it, fear. Sure, Katrina’s been downgraded to a Category 3, but come on, a cat 3 storm means winds are still well over a 100 mph and it looks like a great deal of the city is getting hit pretty hard. All my lambasting of the media doesn’t change the fact that thousands of people and billions of dollars worth of property are in peril.

And here I am, thankful and relieved (and little embarrassed) that it’s raining this morning in our fine city. Yeah! I don’t have to water the garden today!

Here’s hoping NOLA misses the worst of Katrina and no lives are lost. Stay positive.

Our thoughts and prayers…

…are with our MetBlogs colleagues in New Orleans over the next few days as Katrina lines up to take her punch at the region. Thankfully, most of the bloggers there have heeded the advice to evacuate (clutching their whiskey bottles as they retreat) – alas, as one poster points out, NoLa residents don’t usually listen to the folks urging that they get out of town already.

But, as Richard puts it:

Dear Evacuation Monkeys:

This one is different. You officially have my permission to freak out.

Stay safe, stay away – and we’ll see you when you get back, safe & sound…

More info on Katrina:

NOAA site
A list of live streams, blogs, & more (from Lost Remote)

The Edge – love it, hate it, or indifferent?

I’m a big headline skimmer – but I have to admit that I can’t even scan The Edge. On the other hand, many friends of mine consider it one of the few reasons to read the Living section, and it’s an entry point into regular newspaper reading for my 12-year-old son (who insists on reading select snippets aloud to me.)

I don’t know if it’s the layout or the content. I don’t think it’s the subject matter – I like offbeat and/or wacky factoids as much as the next person. And I have to admit that I’ve cracked a grin or two on the rare occasions that I actually read it.. (I DO TOO have a sense of humor, so you know…)

So – why am I skipping The Edge over every day?

Mass transit tidbits

Did you know…

…that transfers are now only good for an hour, on average (as opposed to the 1 1/2 to 2 hours you used to get on weekdays)? And yes, it’s a deliberate change.

…that rates are going up yet again September 1st, thanks to high fuel prices? Expect to pay more for your tickets – and don’t expect to get that price break you used to get on 10- and 20-packs, either.

Have you noticed…

…that MAX has been packed lately – especially heading to/from downtown on weekend nights (in my experience, anyway)? The crowds are pretty diverse as well, from my perspective.

…that they’re finally starting to swap in new poetry to replace what’s been there for ages? (I love the concept/execution, but they need to rotate it more frequently.)

The Horse Brass

The Horse Brass

Originally uploaded by dieselboii.

The horse brass pub in SE portland is the best place for an afternoon drink and cigar. We’re having Terminal Gravity IPA that is run through a Randell, which is running the beer through fresh hops.

I love the Horse Brass. Come check it out yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Sent from my phone, probably while hiding from the man.

It’s cool to have pools at school

As you might have heard, the city council’s decided to re-examine closing Pier Pool, will try to find funds to reopen MLC’s pool, and will (one hopes) repair Buckman Pool, if costs aren’t too prohibitive.

This news is a victory for the scores of community activists who banded together in order to keep these neighborhood pools open – including one enterprising Buckman student, who rapped his message:

“You guys are cool. So don’t be a fool. And save our pool. In Buckman School.” (The mayor later told the boy that his song, “will stay with me for quite some time.”)

So I’m shamelessly stealing his lyrics as I extend my thanks to city council – particularly Commissioner Leonard, who characterized this effort as a chance to make good on what many felt was an implied promise years ago, when neighborhood groups campaigned in favor of the parks levy, believing they’d be fighting to save Buckman Pool.

To quote our young rapper: You guys are cool. Thanks.

Here’s the template for tonight’s news at 11- *every* night’s news

11:01 p.m.- White trash meth bust. Neighbor: “we suspected something was wrong when we saw cars pull up there at all hours of the day and night.”

11:03 p.m.- Coverage of robbery perpetrated by tweaker(s).

11:05 p.m.- Child molester bust/search.

11:07 p.m.- Helicopter footage of major Interstate fender-bender.

11:09 p.m.- Baghdad suicide car bomb.

11:11 p.m.- Mattress commercial.

11:12 p.m.- Car commercial.

11:15 p.m.- Weather person appears at desk,a minute of small talk with other anchors.

11:16 p.m.- General weather details, followed by teaser.

11:18 p.m.- Ads from a bank and another automobile dealer consortium.

11:20 p.m.- Weather in more detail. Coast to Cascades flyover special F/X.

11:23 p.m.- Sports anchor appears at desk, a minute of small talk.

11:24 p.m.- Cut-away to promo teaser for program immediately following news: Leno, Letterman, Frightline,etc.

11:26 p.m.- Sports anchor reappears. Mariners lose. Beavs and Ducks practice.

11:28 p.m.- Cut away for more ads.

11:30 p.m.- Quick promo tied in to an entertainment show carried on network affiliated with this station.

11:32 p.m.- Human interest “awww..”- cat/dog/baby/gerbil falls five miles and lives!

11:33 p.m.- Fade out to canned, strings-and-brass theme song identical to those used in other cities.


For the Love of Dove

Portlanders love our pets. 70% of us have a pet in our home and most have more than one. Oh, but they are so cute and cuddly and love so unconditionally! We’re 3rd only to Denver and New York City for the number of top rated practicing veterinary health professionals. We love our pets, seriously. We attract the best surgeons, researchers, and specialists from around the world as a result. Our pets receive some of the best care in the nation.

Not surprisingly, we have funded a beautiful and comforting refuge from the shock and trauma of our pet’s injuries and pain, a hospital that welcomes all and advocates for hope and posivity in times that are so stressful on the entire family.

The new site of the Dove Lewis Hospital broke ground today at 19th and NW Pettygrove. It’s funded entirely by donations from the community. Present tonight: Members of the A.B. and Dove Lewis family, including their son James and one of his daughters, City Council Members Dan Saltzman and Sam Adams, several prominent veterinary doctors and surgeons, Dove Lewis staff and planners, a mighty handful of photographers and even a camera man, Reed Coleman and Ann Schatz.

Highlights include; hearing the story of Dove and A.B., which, by the way, I’m telling you, it’s a love story and a tear jerker and I’d love to tell you if you’d like to hear it; knowing their son was there with his family – it made Dove’s story and her genuine love for animals real and tangible; the actual breaking of ground and the subsequent and ceremonial onslaught of doggy diggers which resulted in many minutes of laughter and hilarity; Ann Schatz dedication to Dove and her profoundly touching toast and eulogy to Coley, her $1 dog that gave her a $100 million in return.

I was pretty much crying for a solid hour. Tears of love, remembrance, thankfulness and joy.

Activities for tonight – Thursday August 25

wow, is it really the last thursday of August and summer? OMG! i can’t believe summer has flown by so fast. i have to say though, except for some rainy times in June, it’s been quite a nice summer. i’ve even relaxed (mind you, to the detriment of my ongoing house projects.)

tonight is the last Last Thursday on Alberta street of the summer. if you have never been up to Alberta street for last thursday, you should go when its dry and warm. granted, today with the 90 degree weather, it will be rather warm. the alberta street fair is pretty diverse with art galleries, crafts, vendors of every shape and color, the clown house, the punk corner, food, and excellent people watching. i would love to go and walk the street one last time before the rains set in, but alas, i’ll be pre-occupied with another event.

Dove Lewis Animal Emergency Hospital will be hosting a ground- breaking event for their new hospital tonight up at their NW location on NW 19th and Pettygrove. The event is from 5-8pm and refreshments will be served. Come join me and other animal lovers to see what’s in store for the future of the hospital.

Rules of the Big Blue Room


Since virtually all the Metbloggers have either posted or weighed in on the rampant jackassery involved in getting from point A to point B, I’m going to take a stand and lay down some rules of Conduct for the Big Blue Room.

1. Whatever your mode of transport, you will probably encounter at least two others on your route. Pay attention to your environment, one of these days someone won’t jam on their brakes or see the light change and it could be the last thing that you ever get upset about.

2. Keep in mind that you are not entitled to special treatment, nor are you above the rules that govern your particular environment. If that’s where you are, those rules apply to you. See the end of #1 for reasons why.

3. Be civil. Not stupid, not bewilderingly polite, not even nice. Be civil. However, if in doubt, yield to the other person. You might just have done the right thing. You might just make their day.

4. Remember you are human. You make mistakes. Before you honk at the bonehead in front of you (or worse), are you absolutely certain that you have never ever EVER committed exactly the same offense because you glanced at the radio or rolled down your window or just flat out spaced it?

Please feel free to add more rules to the codes of conduct. I assure you the by-laws are forthcoming.

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