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PSA: First Real Rain

As any accomplished driver knows, (or should, if your parents taught you anything) the corollary to all of this rain is that it’s bringing up oil that your shoddily manufactured cars dripped into the asphalt over the past dry months.


Also, the corner of 11th and Hawthorne is completely flooded. Pics later.

Things I’ve never done…

I finally went to have middle eastern food at Nicholas this rainy afternoon. It took me eight years (amazing, since I’m a huge fan of baba ganoush and theirs is among the best I’ve ever had), but I made it.

And it got me thinking – what other Portland icons (culinary or otherwise) remain on my to-do list?

  • A movie at the Mission, Bagdad, or Kennedy theater(s).
  • Dinner at Genoa.
  • First Thursday. Or Last Thursday, for that matter.
  • A trip with the kids to Alpenrose Dairy.
  • A visit to the rose gardens in Washington Park.
  • An evening at Jimmy Mak’s.
  • Tad’s Chicken & Dumplins
  • A spanish coffee at Huber’s
  • A Blazer basketball game
  • Sausages from Otto’s
  • A hike through Forest Park
  • A bike ride – anywhere in PDX

What’s on your list today? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll come back with the flip side – 10 or so things on my ‘no way in hell’ list. And next? The ‘sorry I bothered’ list.

Cats and Dogs

(Is it just me, or are the titles on newpaper stories less and less interesting?)

I like that this is the first downpour in freaking months. I was supposed to haul junk across the city in the family’s suburban, but after sitting for a week (dad’s been in China on business) the electrical system is shot: it’s not even reponding to jumping.


Pretty pictures want to be free…

At last, the dream is finally a reality!

And not only is it real, but it’s free too! Starting Sunday, there will be two weeks free admission for you to lay eyes upon this addition for yourself. Just go to any Fred Meyer (oh, you knew there’d be a catch!) and pick up your free passes. Go get a load of the largest cultural art and resource center in the Pacific Northwest.

Just add this to the list of Stuff That Makes Us Better Than Seattle (ohhhhhhh, no she didn’t…)

Following in FoodDude’s footsteps

Yesterday, I took a recommendation from my friend FoodDude and dropped by the newly-opened Ristretto Roasters in search of what I was told was the ‘world’s best chocolate chip cookie’ (oh yeah – I was also planning to have some coffee while I was there.)

My mission was not just to show simple appreciation for the cookie, but to see if I’d been unceremoniously dethroned from my own unofficial position as ‘world’s best chocolate chip cookie maker.’ Alas for me (but not for the rest of you), Nancy Rommelman’s cookies are indeed worthy of the title.

Nancy is also a local PDX blogger (she and her husband, who own Ristretto, relocated here from California earlier this year), and I got a chance to meet her yesterday, where I confessed my ulterior spy motive for the visit. Ristretto – on the NE corner of Fremont & 42nd – offers up excellent coffee – roasted on the premises, no less (read FoodDude’s review above for the particulars) and offers other baked goods in addition to those killer cookies.

And if you visit and happen to see killer brownies available sometime soon? Thank me – I’m passing my own semi-famous recipe off to Nancy for further experimentation, since she’s clearly got talents far surpassing my own. Consider it my gift to NE Portland at large…

Stranger Etiquette

Dear guys in ties who work downtown:

If a girl smiles at you, the standard response is SMILE BACK. Don’t scowl, don’t be afraid, don’t ignore her, just smile back. She was probably just trying to improve your day, which probably needed improving since you have to wear a tie to work, and the scowl doesn’t become you. Honestly, a girl with curly hair and jeans and white headphones is hardly a threat, it isn’t like she asked you for change or directions. Plus frowning disapprovingly takes more muscles than smiling so just work the half-assed smirk and get on with your day.

The Girl Who Smiled At You During Lunch Today


<goldengirls>Picture it, Target, Mall 205…</goldengirls>

In the Halloween costume section as I was meandering by looking at the always adorable Target seasonal displays and merchandise:

“I can be the President for Halloween!”
“No no, honey, you’re smarter than that.”
“But you say the President is scary.”

This was last night and I’m still giggling.

You won’t find these at Albertson’s…

The October issue of Seventeen magazine’s been yanked off the shelves at Albertson stores in 11 western states, including Oregon. Why?

A ‘Vagina 101’ feature – apparently, teenage girls shouldn’t see illustrations of normal genitalia, or read about possible health concerns. The Albertson’s public affairs director for Oregon stated that “the company received several complaints that the material was explicit.”

This Tucson TV report throws around viewer comments like ‘pornographic’ and the inevitable comparisons to Penthouse or Playboy.

Let’s see – teen pregnancy continues to be an issue, teen access to birth control is increasingly difficult, and teen STD rates are on the rise. Cutting off access to a fluffy teen magazine offering a vaginal owners manual solves these problems…how?

Are you driving less…?

According to The O, PDX car owners aren’t adjusting their habits any, despite rising gas prices and a presidental mandate to curb the driving. But the story only profiles one family, while quoting unnamed oil industry executives who say that “high gas prices generally don’t result in major, long-term changes in U.S. driving habits.”

Have you changed your driving habits in response to higher gas prices? Will a presidential order convince you to use mass transit more? I’m curious…

StoryCorps Pioneer Courthouse square

StoryCorps is in town people. As children, we always learned of the oral histories of past cultures and peoples. The bible is an oral history.

Well, NPR and The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress have partnered with other sponsors to record personal hiStories of americans. Ever wanted to formally document/record the story of how you met your partner? Or of your first child’s steps? Or of your grandfather’s memories from WWII? This is your chance.

Go to StoryCorp and sign up for a private session with a professional. They will set it up like an interview with you and your story partner. They will record it professionally and give you a CD at the end. I would love to have a CD of me interviewing my great uncle about his experiences in WWII or even my father’s experiences in the northern lakes of Minnesota. Hey, I may just call him up and ask him. Or my mom’s stories of growning up on a farm in the 40’s. so many choices. the time when my best freind and i met Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams after a win by the Yankees in Seattle a year ago. i’m on a roll……
Do this! Do this for our collective oral history. Daily life is the lifeblood of our collective history and lives.

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