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Stumptown Comics Fest 2005

Not your ordinary comics convention, the 2nd Annual Stumptown Comics Fest is heavy on the creators and purveyors of independent comics and light (re: non-existent) on the spandex. Though most participants are local, don’t be surprised if artists from all over the country pay a visit. It all goes down this weekend, Saturday to be precise, October 1st at the Smith Memorial Ballroom on the PSU campus. Events start at 9:30am and run until 6pm. Click here for a list of artists and events.

Last year we braved the rain and cold and spent the afternoon with talented, approachable artists and like-minded fans of independent comics. In fact, up until Stumptown, my forays into comic book conventions left me feeling kind of empty and freakish, as I’m not really into action figures, roll playing & trading cards (though, hey, if that’s what floats your boat man, that’s cool). The Stumptown Fest left me feeling like I’d finally found my niche and that there’s so much more to the comics media than what the mainstream may perceive.

So don’t be afraid! It’s a bargain at $5 per person. Embrace your inner independent comic book artist loving self and help them take over the world one comic book at a time.

O.K. Browncoats, the wait is nearly over…

… and if you’re like me, uber Firefly GEEK, you’ve already bought your tickets for opening night. Will the 30th of September get here already? The Regal Cinemas at Pioneer Place have successfully wooed me, so I’m sure we’ll be there with bells on Friday night. If you happen to see a clutch of awkwardly giddy 30 something fan boyz & girlz, well, you can bet I’ll be in the middle of them geeking out to my heart’s content. Um, yeah, I get that I’m a little obsessed.

Sushi and such.


First off, way to go Betsy for poking a stick in a hornet’s nest! (:

Second, we were discussing sushi eventually, and I would like to have more of that discussion.

Where do you go for sushi? What kind do you like? What places do a disservice to the word sushi?

Let me know. I’m always on the prowl for a good roll of rice. My current enjoyments are Sushi Cafe K and Yuki, both in NE near Lloyd Center. Let’s hear it!

Voting with your dollars: Shilo Inn, Oregon Country Beef and beyond…

I’ve long been a supporter of buying locally where possible – and it’s kicked up a duststorm of sorts in the comments to posts like this one, where a commenter suggested my support of Helen Bernhard’s aided those who supported Measure 36.

And I also count myself in the camp of people who make decisions about where to shop based in part on a company’s political, ethical, or moral stance – but I’m also practical or economical when I need to be (short version: I sell out frequently. Don’t we all?)

Those twin stances frequently clash – with predictably flinty results. And there are those who’d argue that neither stance is a viable one (didn’t we have a debate on here somewhere about Chilean produce versus local produce? I can’t locate it right now, ugh…)

And we’ve got yet another debate brewing in the comments to my innocent little post below about where to go for dinner last night (note: we went to Bush Garden; that particular choice has yielded no political shrapnel yet) To keep that post relatively benign, I’d like to redirect the discussion here, if possible.

LeLo started it off with this comment:

I wouldn’t step foot into a Shilo Inn if you payed me. Even if they have a restaurant that’s to die for. Right wing owned and operated? No thanks. Nope. No Shilo Inn.

ExtraMSG countered with this:

What happened to boycotting a place because they discriminated against a group or some other substantial policy? The left’s love of political correctness has become a sort of reverse McCarthyism: blacklist people for their political beliefs.

Read the rest of the conversation here, then join the discussion below, if you will. But do me a favor – leave the personal characterizations and/or snarky jabs behind, please? I’m all for vigorous debate and relish substantive criticism (based on positions, not personalities), but get enough juvenile behavior at home from my two kids already, thankyouverymuch.

Update: LeLo’s come back with a very passionate post (too long for the comments here) about why she chooses to vote with her dollars. It’s well worth the read…

Here comes the bride, isn’t he lovely?

Here I go again, ranty rant, look out now!

Basic Rights Oregon is off to court to fight Measure 36 today. Their info page about the case tells you their strategy as well as having some good info about the players involved.

And now I’mma get all worked up. Get comfy.

Why is it that civil unions are so ok for “them”? How come my friends don’t deserve to be just as miserable as I am? (:

For those who aren’t aware, I am what’s known as a “fag hag”. I hang out mostly with the ‘mos. (Who am I kidding? It’s not mostly. It’s all the time.) They are basically the same as other people-they like to go out from time to time, see their friends, take vacations, go to movies, all the regular stuff. Why can’t they get all gussied up and hitched like I did?

Let’s talk for a moment about my dear friend J.Ro, he’ll make a good poster child.

If my best friend wants to work that white dress, who am I to stop him? (He’d look fabulous, btw.) And who are you to try it either? Do you know how he orders a steak? What his hobbies are? What his favorite TV show is? If you don’t know the first thing about him then who are you to decide what he can and cannot do? Who are you to decide who he can and cannot do it with? It stands to reason that if you legislate behavior then soon a bill could be passed that would make it illegal for him to be my friend. We can’t ride in a car together or share a meal. And it’s because you decided it was wrong. Well you know what? Screw you. You don’t get to tell me who I can and cannot see, or what I can do with them. You’re not the boss of me. Isn’t that why I turned 18 in the first place?

I have listened to the more rational opponents of this, and I think I sort of understand the other side. Really it’s the word “marriage” that bunches their panties. See, “marriage” requires “church” and that simply will not do! Don’t bother to consider that just because I have a marriage license doesn’t mean if I show up at a Mormon tabernacle they’ll marry me. They are under NO obligation; license alone is not enough.

I am not a particularly religious person. Neither is my husband. So when we went looking for someone to perform the ceremony we had a hard time finding someone since we couldn’t get the guy who said mass for us (there wasn’t one). It was difficult for us to find someone we liked since it was difficult to find someone at all. There was discussion of judges, but eventually we ended up with a minimally religious ceremony. A civil union would have been perfect for us, and we would have gone that route if we’d had the option. Yet it seems that a lot of people would be appalled if their kids could “only” get a civil union. Just because my mom got married by a Justice Of The Peace is that any less legit than my minister-based I dos?

Why is it a good idea to give “them” something “good enough” and expect “them” to be grateful? Why is it so awful to offer both choices to everyone? There are more than a few people I know who would have been pleased with a civil union and not had to bother with all the church nonsense. I also don’t understand how it is possible that the two guys who have been together for ten or twenty or more years are not allowed to have a legitimatized union but a girl (who shall remain nameless) can show up loaded at a chapel in Vegas with her “childhood friend” and somehow that’s totally ok? That is the part I have a really hard time with. “Sanctity” of marriage? Tell me how anything about showing up in ripped jeans and a trucker hat possesses any degree of sanctity. Then explain to me how two women or two men who have spent the bulk of their adult lives together and happy is supposed to be blasphemous.

Lots of parents split up. It happens. But it seems to me that two parents, whoever they are, who love each other and their children would be the best way to go. Isn’t it better to have a good example of a loving relationship and a stable home? Apparently the “gay” home will raise gay children, but it seems like all the ‘mos I know are from the nice regular homes, so that reasoning doesn’t seem to hold either.

I don’t care if you do it swinging from a chandelier, it isn’t any of my business as long as you aren’t hurting people (well, if they said please, then that’s not my business either). Why anyone else would care so much confuses me because it seems like there are so many other more important things going on that need our attention, who you or I love seems like a trivial matter.

Where should we go for dinner tonight?

(I always get great restaurant suggestions here – the dim sum post from way back when is still getting comments – so I”m returning for more advice…)

The kids (7 and 12, but very adventurous food eaters who are also well behaved – no rock throwing incidents here, thankyouverymuch) and I are having dinner with my visiting cousin from Atlanta and his partner. Where are we going? No idea…

Instead, we’re meeting at a downtown hotel and heading out from there.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick the restaurant for us. A few rules:

  • We’re restricting ourselves to downtown if possible
  • No Italian, please – it’s been overdone lately.
  • While I’ve vetoed my daughter’s original first choice (Quiznos) ’cause we’re not going that downscale, I also vetoed her second choice (Todai) for reasons having to do with price as much as genericism. Yes, that means no Ruths Chris, no Mortons, no El Gaucho. Think decent, but not extravagant.
  • I’d love someplace where we’ll be able to sit and talk for a while – we figured out we haven’t seen each other for 15 years at least…

Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions!

The B!X Is Gone

The Portland Communique, according to the only writer, is going under. The communique launched in the winter of 2002 with an “Ipsum Iorem” post, followed smartly by a bit of commentary on the Burnside, Sandy and 12th intersection. Ironically, after nearly 3 years of publishing, the B!x remained focused on Burnside, albeit a few blocks away. Eventually the Communique switched to a full-time job for Christopher Frankonis, supported by donations. Apparently, it’s been something he couldn’t find the support for, but we’ll allow him to talk about that. It is, of course, his blog.

B!x, we salute you, and miss you already. Where will we find our exposÈs on the inside politics of the PDC now?

OMG Sept. 24

OMG Sept. 24

Originally uploaded by dieselboii.

Went to target to pick up some items. I was fully expecting the halloween onslaught, but on September 24, fully 3 months prior, we have Christmas items for sale. There was a whole isle for cards for you early senders.

I felt a chill.

Sent from my phone, probably while hiding from the man.

Traffic Tip

Avoid East 39th. Avoid it like the plague.

This presupposes you drive a car.

Yummy Sushiville

Yummy Sushiville

Originally uploaded by dieselboii.

If you want the best in conveyor belt sushi, head over to sushiville in NW portland. Located at the corner of NW 23rd and Pettygrove, Sushiville is one of the best sushi places in pdx. They offer the standard sushi fare, but twice as big and three times the size and flavor. They accept requests whenever and are promt in responding.

I had mackeral, tuna, salmon, seared salmon, and more mackeral. Needless to say, i love the mackeral.

Our walk today took us downtown to see the 40yr old virgin and we laughed our asses off. We then ventured up to sushi and then home.

go see 40yr old Virgin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent from my phone, probably while hiding from the man.

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