Trick or treating protocol in PDX?

Happy Halloween! Are you ready for the hordes of monsters set to invade your house this evening?

But…will you even see ghouls and goblins in your neck of the woods? I know friends routinely trick-or-treat with us on the east side of town – sending their kid out on narrow SW streets without sidewalks in the dark isn’t an option, of course.

And do kids still go door-to-door – or has that been replaced with parties, excursions to a parent’s office, or something else?

How much does the weather play a part? I know that in years past, assuming that rain would deter the kids proved false. And then when the weather was great, I ended up with tons of leftover candy.

Where are the ‘hot’ trick-or-treating neighborhoods? (I know ours used to be one – you’d watch the cars roll in around 7 or so, disgorging what looked to be a full clown-car load…)

What do you do for your kids? What do you do for visiting trick-or-treaters?

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  1. plm (unregistered) on October 31st, 2005 @ 5:50 pm

    I turn out all the lights, keep the TV off, and use my TabletPC to entertain myself. After two years of “guests” with deeper voices and more facial hair than I have ringing doorbells after 9:00pm I have just opted out the last three years. It’s actually been rather nice!

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