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Bagel & Espresso = Heaven on Earth

This morning is one of those mornings when I feel half dead and ready to crawl back into bed for another 4 hours. oh but it was so worth it! The Warlocks were so… glittery and hypnotic and The Out Crowd just about put me into a trance with their throbbing bass and grinding guitars… hmmm… wonder why I have such a headache?

But, alas, it’s the morning after a big night out and I’m feeling a little raw. I slept in until the very last moment, madly dashed around the house, showered, dressed and ran out the door so I wouldn’t be late to my 9-5 stint as an indentured servant trapped in a cubicle.

I will not set foot near this place, however, until I’ve been adequately nourished. And my breakfast of choice when I’ve stayed out a little past my bedtime the night before is nearly always the same: toasted bagel and a vente iced non-fat latte, preferably from Marsee’s on Broadway (on the East Side, mais oui!). Grabbing a take out breakfast, however, brings up an interesting phenomena I’ve come to notice about Portlandians and our early morning habits. I find it so fascinating how much more clearly I see my fair city and my place in it when I’m suffering from a splitting headache and an unquenchable caffeine addiction.

It’s funny because I’m so predictably in the same mood every time I walk into that place. I’m so caffeine-deprived I can barely see or think, save my complete and utter annoyance with every single patron of Marsee’s within 50 feet of me. Portlandians! Gotta luv ’em. I’m one of ’em. Just get ’em out of my face when I need my vente iced non-fat latte. How long can it possibly take to order your drink Mr. Single Cappucino Wet & Mrs. Earl Grey? And why is it 9 out of every 10 customers have to pay with a debit card for their $5.20 breakfast? And really, Miss Rude Boots, why are you on the phone at 7:30 in the morning AND paying for your 3 bags of Earthy French Roast Beans at the same time? Trust me Double Tall Pumpkin Latte: the answer to the trivia question is Ganymede and it’s only for a small cup of coffee. Don’t labor over the answer any longer. Please, just allow me to order my espresso and go in peace!

Blazers re-cap

As the true slacker that I am, I’m again economizing my efforts by steering any parties interested in my latest in-depth, accurate, and brilliant Blazers analysis to my own blog. Enjoy.

Tour the City of Portland Archives this Friday afternoon

It’s not exactly the Oregon Historical Society’s secret warehouse of all things Oregon history, but it could be close. The City of Portland is opening the city archives for public viewing and tours on Friday, October 28th from 1-4. The Stanley Parr Archives & Records Center is located @ 9360 N Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97203.
Come on down and check out what the city keeps.

Chairwoman Linn made a pledge….

So Diane, you have a plan to open Wapato jail huh? Oh no, wait, you donít have a specific plan, nor do you know how youíll fund it. Oh, but you pledge to open it. A ìpersonal pledgeî. My, oh my, a personal pledge. Donít get my wrong; I respect Diane Linn for her work last year giving hope to same sex couples in Oregon and their wish to marry. I know a couple of couples that were first in line that morning to get their marriage certificates and then later got married at the Schnitz. I respect her courage to put her career on the line for such a noble cause.
A personal pledge to open a county prison that was built, furnished and is ready for inmates that has sat idle for over a year because of lack of funding isnít enough Diane. I think every person in Multnomah County would love to personally pledge to open the prison. Hell, Iíll pledge to keep schools funded. Can I? Probably not, but Iíll make a pledge.
I find it interesting that an election is coming up in the next year. I wonder if by saying the pledge, Diane is positioning herself to take credit when others figure out how to fund the operating expenses. She said it first ñ sheís personally pledging to make it happen. (along with her buddy Bernie Guesto.)
Done ranting.

Extreme Makover: Tri-Met edition?

There is a good possibility it is just me, but here goes!

Have you noticed on Tri-Met that we now have drivers more on the “Jungle Cruise” operator end of the scale lately? In addition to calling out not just the bus number but some of the stops too. And then there’s the ‘extra’ interaction too. Here are just a few of the things I’ve heard in the last couple of weeks:

-Please make sure if you leave your gloves you leave me both of them, I have enough mismatched sets. And thank you for your kindness but I have more than enough umbrellas so please take them with you.

-Will the 15 make it around the corner? Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘As The Bus Turns’.

-(Wrestling announcer ‘lets get ready to rumbllllle voice) Thirrrrty ninth avenue!!! Trrrrrrrrransfer to the 75! (regular voice) Or not, it’s just an option.

-Be sure to tell all your friends about Tri-Met’s outstanding same day service.

What happened to the bus? I definitely don’t miss the gruff and grim, but I’m wondering if it isn’t part of a PR makeover so that people complain less about the impending fare hike

Date Sexy Baptist Singles in Your City…?

I’m cracking up laughing… This ad was on the margins of Portland Metroblogs just a few seconds ago…

Any takers?

Ads by Goooooogle
Greek Orthodox Baptism
Date Sexy Baptist Singles in Your City. Register free.

What is up with Google Sense Ads? They don’t make any sense to me…

On a Doug Fir Bender

Last weekend we had the great fortune of winning tickets (yet again!) to a show at the Doug Fir. It was interesting, Calla and it’s opening band, Celebration, attracted what I felt was the oldest audience I’d seen to date at the venue. For once we weren’t two of the oldest of the bunch. I know I’ve waxed nostalgic for the Doug many times, but I just can’t say enough good things about the place. Not only are ticket giveaways a regular occurance, but the acoustics and general vibe of the place rock.

I’m very excited for the Warlocks/Out Crowd/Gris Gris show tomorrow. Fellow psych/glitter hard rockers unite!

My new favorite time waster – Portland Monthly

In the past, I have picked up Portland Monthly and flicked through it, reading snippets here and there and admiring the heft of it. This month, October 2005, caught my eye because of the cover: 200 Years in Words and Photographs. I am a history buff and love the history of our fair city. When I wander the streets walking, I look around and wonder what the history is of a house or a building or a street. Why are places named the way they are? Who is Kearney?

Well, this month’s Portland Monthly isn’t a giant retrospective of Portland’s history in pictures, but it’s a great attempt. Most of the focus is on the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition with great stories and pictures. Further, there is a great picture of the current St. John’s Pub, the only remaining building from the Exposition. Now a brew pub theater.

The editors then did a great job of highlighting local businesses and their history in photographs: Legacy Good Samaritan from a 3 story victorian home to the hospital it is today. The Multnomah Hotel from the 20’s which is now the Embassy Suites down off W. Burnside. Rejuventation, once a small 3 story victorian on N. Albina (now a Tattoo parlor) to the large 3 story warehouse and retail space they have on SE Grand ave.

I love seeing how the city has changed ove the last 180 years and it’s best to see it all in photographs. The one thing missing is a little more personal stories from people from that era. I think it would have been great to read an anecdote about early Parr Lumber to go with the photos.

Portland Monthly is a really nice magazine to read. Very glossy and flashy and thick. Most of the magazine is adds, but in my opinion, they don’t take away from the stories. There is a large section highlighting million $$$ homes and their realtors which is a bit ostentatious, but oh well.

Grab next months magazine and check it out. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about your city that is not available on the internet.

Linfield 62, Puget Sound 7

need is say more? what a rout and on such a beautiful day. Linfield’s star QB Brett Elliot passed for 364 yards and 6 touchdowns. it was 48-7 at halftime. way to go Linfield!

next local opportunity to see Linfield will be against Willamette University in Salem on Nov. 12. or when the playoffs start.

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2 pitchers and 3 sheets to the wind…

OK, I’m flexible as to the location I patronize so long as they luva my doggies. However, it’s always brilliant when a place I love loves me and my dogs. And tonight, well, the love was flowing in both directions. DOG LOVERS: Listen up! Go to Amnesia Brewing and bring all your canine companions. I honestly cannot think of a public institution where my beloved Chihuahuas have received so much love and acceptance as they did tonight. Granted, my Chis are a) the best behaved; b )the most social and friendly Chis you’ll ever meet (to the point where I go out of my way to bring them into public situations to dispel the stereotype of yippee snippy ugly little Chihuahuas… ) & c) CUTEST dogs on Earth, so it doesn’t completly surprise me… I’m telling you, it’s a dog’s paradise. Dogs everywhere! And complementary organic dog cookies! And love for dogs and dog lovers abounds! Cocks in the Henhouse every Friday night from 6pm – 8pm. You & your dog will not be disappointed.

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