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More Holiday Bazaars

you need to spend more money. this weekend will give you a chance:

Holiday Bazaar – Overlook
Overlook House – 3839 N Melrose Dr.
Friday, Dec. 2, 10am-6pm and Dec 3, 9am-3pm
Handmade crafts, baked goods, jewelry, holiday floral, quilts etc.

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House Amazing Handmade sale
Rimsky-Korsakoffee House, 707 SE 12th Ave.
Sunday Dec. 4 from 10am-6pm
featuring: clothing and art by Bossa Nova Baby; natural bath items by I Love Mice Elf; Knit and crochet items by Kristy Lonmbard; hand made journals by Westcoast Bound Books and many more.

Twilight Rummage Sale and craft fair (Holiday Style)
Eagles Lodge – 4904 S.E. Hawthorne
Saturday evening from 5-9pm – disco following; $1 admission
come get your groove on with $1 Pabst and the like

Portland Festival of Trees 2005
Convention Center
Dec. 2-4 10am-4pm
Featuring numerous decorated trees by corporations and benefactors. there is also a bazaar for shopping

Portland Saturday Market
Old Town – under the Burnside Bridge (for now)
Saturday and Sunday all day.
All Oregon crafts on one side, other stuff on the other side of the tracks.


There’s some waterfront property for sale in NoPo

in the St. Johns Sentinel, there’s a great story of redevelopment of the St. Johns Willamette River waterfront. most of the waterfront north of Sauvie’s Island is either current industrial land or former industrial land (translation: contaminated.) not sure if we’re talking superfund status, but at least brownfield.

i think it would be cool. the illustrations show condos and marina areas accross from what is now NW industrial and just north of the University of Portland bluff. i can imagine an area like what’s just south of Ross Island. and wouldn’t that be a boost to St. Johns and NoPo.

oh, and i also think development in Linnton is a great idea too. i do understand the concern about losing traditional industrial land, but if the land has sat vacant for as many years as it has, who’s gonna use it? what industry is knocking on the door to use the land.

N. Interstate woes

Just got this off Jack Bog’s site, so decided I needed to comment with my thoughts. The primary developer of Killingsworth Station at N. Killingsworth and Interstate has pulled out of the project, leaving the PDC to find someone new. Both on N. Interstate and NE MLK, a couple of high profile projects have now gone down in flames that were associated with the PDC. On NE MLK, the Vanport project’s current non-status I contend has more to do with the developer and thier non-ability to attract tenents than it does with the PDC. Now, the PDC I believe is at fault to as they keep extending the contract for years even though nothing is occurring.
I don’t know enough about the “why” behind the Killingsworth Station and the decision by the developer, so can’t comment much. I do know that this project would change Interstate for the better. It only takes one big project to change an area in my opinion. Look at what the Nike Factory Store did for that portion of NE MLK. We walk by the Killingsworth Station vacant lot on the way to New Seasons and I recently commented that I was glad they kept it mowed and cleaned, but was worried that construction hadn’t started yet. Now I know.

What’s wierd is that between N. Interstate and NE MLK is N. Mississippi which is booming. And I mean BOOMING. It is becoming the scapegoat for all the gentrification crap being thrown about. There are now big developers looking to build condos and more storefronts there and I haven’t heard peep that the PDC is funding it. I do know the PDC supported many of the small business owners on the street with storefront improvement loans, so that may be their role on that.

Just my two cents.

It’s not snowing yet


Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

i know, i know, you are sick and tired of the snow and it hasn’t even arrived. isn’t that how it usually is? the talking heads beat it into us that snow is coming and then we get three flakes. i remember as a kid waking up and being surprised by snow. then again, i didn’t like watching the news and weather with dad then.
the city was dry and cool tonight on my walk. i love seeing the city all lit up. the transit mall especially has all the trees lit. i get goosebumps and want to come home and cover my house with the 10,000+ lights i own, but when i get home, i remember it’s cold and i need a beer.
soon people soon.

Welcome to the Hood – Sameunderneath

same underneath

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Ryan, a great guy I call a friend, has opened up shop just off N. Mississippi. His company – SAMEUNDERNEATH – creates some excellent clothes and has been around for like 7 years. They have been selling thier wares both on the interweb and in other shops around town and now decided to become a neighbor.
Welcome – and i like my new shirt, thanks.

Vegetarian House

I had the most amazing vegan lunch buffet yesterday. I had this amazing vegan lunch at a little place in ìold town/china townî as the friendly voice of MAX would say. The place is called Vegetarian House and it rocks!
Vegetarian House is located at 22 NW Fourth. The buffet is all you can eat and itís only $6.50! The types of food changes daily but they always have spring rolls. I could make a meal of just those. Yummy!
If you donít want whatís on the buffet you can also choose from their extensive menu and everything is vegan! I recommend the vegetarian pot stickers. Being vegan myself I have not had pot stickers for years and years. These ones were absolutely perfect.
It is time to rejoice fellow vegans! Do a little dance. Just like the one Iím doing right now. Mostly to work off all the food I ate at the buffet yesterday. The Vegetarian House lunch buffet is open weekdays from 11AM to 2:30PM so if you hurry you can still get there today.


Go on its lunchtime.

Santa at Pio Place

Santa at Pio Place

Originally uploaded by dieselboii.

He looked so lonely. It was about 5:15 on a Tuesday, so that could explain it. I kinda wanted to go sit on his lap and tell his what i want, but got nervous being an adult and all. Very jolly too, waving to all the shoppers.

Mobile shredder trucks-argh

Mobile shredder trucks-argh

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Do you work downtown? Do you wander about the streets? Have you ever been drowned out in a conversation with a buddy due to a mobile shredder semi? I have.

These guys are all over now, picking up all those sensative documents downtown companies create and shredding them. A) what happened to paperless office? B) what did we do before the mobile shredder?

My complaint is that these big rigs park on the public street and shred for up to an hour. And it is loud. You can’t ignore it either. I have been in a 6th floor conference room and we had to move the meeting due to the noise.

How can this be legal? I can get a ticket if my car stereo is thumpin’, but these guys can make this noise for extended periods of time.

Got Holiday Beer?

the annual Holiday ale festival is happening beginning tomorrow Dec. 1 and running through Sunday. I remember one of the first ones they did at Pioneer Square. i met my loved one there and we had a coupla beer and then went and crashed a corporate holiday christmas party at the Hilton. i was ben from the mailroom. “yeh, i work nights.” it was a blast. that was like 8 years ago or so.

i digress. get your beer on at Pioneer Square for the next four days. to bad on sunday it doesn’t open early so you can get beer before church, but oh well. featured brewers include Widmer, Bridgeport, Red Hook, Alameda, Alaskan Brewing, Fearless Brewing, Off the Rail Brewing, Rogue, and Walking Man Brewing. Mostly NW beers.

Holiday Ale Fest
Pioneer Square
Thursday Dec 1 through Sunday Dec. 4
Free with heated tents

Snow? No Snow? Snow? Ice? FALL FREEZE 2005

the talkinghead have their banners all ready for FALL STORM 2005 or FALL FREEZE 2005 or WINTER BLAST 2005. whatever they want to call it, we are getting some cool and possibly stormy weather right now. i just love that they “make new” out of this. from KATU

Tonight, clouds increase and the next storm arrives oernight. This one looks suspicious at this point, but we are still not sure if temperatures Thursday morning will drop low enough for us to see snow, but it is certainly possible. The moisture will be there.

how does a storm look suspicious. is it wearing an overcoat and glasses?

if you’re out in it, good luck. if not, enjoy the warmth.

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