Now it’s time for something completely different

It’s no secret that I love seeing live music. And I think I’ve mentioned once or twice before my interest in the world of independent comix. Believe it or not, these two worlds are about to collide tonight at The Dunes.

Ready to step out of the ordinary for a few hours? Have a penchance for Victorian Goth and eerie, somewhat experimental electronic driven folk? Well, o.k., I don’t know many people that harbor an active interest in eerie experimental electro-folk, including myself, to be honest. But I’m willing to give it try! I’m completely entranced by the art and writings of Dame Darcy. For years she’s written an unusual and compelling book entitled Meatcake, which, despite it’s title (which tends to throw off the uninitiated), follows the strange and often dark lives of a mermaid, conjoined twins, a talking wolf, and a woman/doll/pez despenser among others. Surreal and weird for sure, her work is always peppered with a subtle enchanting grace. Try catching her tonight and her band Death By Doll this evening.

By the way, The Dunes is a tiny club located at 1909 MLK Blvd. In fact, I’m not quite sure how her 3 piece band and any more than 10 or 20 people are going to fit into that place, but no doubt it’ll be a memorable evening.

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