There’s some waterfront property for sale in NoPo

in the St. Johns Sentinel, there’s a great story of redevelopment of the St. Johns Willamette River waterfront. most of the waterfront north of Sauvie’s Island is either current industrial land or former industrial land (translation: contaminated.) not sure if we’re talking superfund status, but at least brownfield.

i think it would be cool. the illustrations show condos and marina areas accross from what is now NW industrial and just north of the University of Portland bluff. i can imagine an area like what’s just south of Ross Island. and wouldn’t that be a boost to St. Johns and NoPo.

oh, and i also think development in Linnton is a great idea too. i do understand the concern about losing traditional industrial land, but if the land has sat vacant for as many years as it has, who’s gonna use it? what industry is knocking on the door to use the land.

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  1. DarePDX (unregistered) on November 30th, 2005 @ 10:36 pm


    Just to let you know that “Superfund” doesn’t mean super polluted but instead poluted and abandoned.

    Lampros steal didn’t go bankrupt so there’s still people to go after for clean up. The developable value of the land should also ensure clean-up. Chances are the pollution is nominal though it will be played up (it always is when in a neighborhood while real polution outside daily view is ignored by the press). Usually just turning the soil over and excavating a few spots will cure the issues as nature will compost most polutants if given a chance. The superfund site a mile east down the river is the real pollution concern in NoPo (right by the old burnt out barge).

    ALso, that land was farmland under 75 years ago its only recently been developed (my Grandmothers nurse grew up on the farm there).

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