Misery loves company

I really don’t get sick all that often. Maybe it’s all the chilis I eat, what with all the capsaicin & all. I love garlic, ginger, oregano, mint, and I swear by the healing powers of zinc. We are what we eat, right?

So why is it I’ve really suffered this past week? The cold bug floating around really wiped me out.

What started as a sore throat quickly stripped my normal voice into a sad little croaking toad until I decided to stop talking and just whisper for a few days. Some would argue my lack of vocal ability was some sort of karmic repentance for blabbing too much. And honestly, I wouldn’t wholeheartedly disagree as a matter of fact.

As soon as I got my voice back, however, my head filled with what still feels like quick drying cement. My body aches from the coughing, the sneezing, the nose blowing, lack of energy and sheer and utter inertia. Though I’m thankful I literally had nothing better to do than sit (laying down only makes my head hurt) for long periods of time (once for 12 hours – though it helped that I watched nearly the entire first season of “The Wire” on dvd; officially my favorite show at the moment, by the way) and rest, being sick blows.

I’m just wondering how much worse off I’d be if I hadn’t been taking Zicam for the several days before this head cold hit me? And frankly, if Zicam causes anosmia or not, I really couldn’t tell you. I haven’t been able to smell or taste anything for the last 7 days anyway.

What are you doing to fight off this season’s bout of stealthy bacterias & viruses? Or, if you’ve got the bug, what are you doing to make yourself feel better?

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  1. Betsy (unregistered) on January 24th, 2006 @ 7:11 pm

    You jinxed me! Mere hours after reading this, I felt the tell-tale tickle start at the back of my throat. I scrounged up some Emergen-C from a co-worker, downed a Sudafed PE and two Aleve, and started drinking lemon-ginger tea.

    Stopped on the way home, bought some Cold-Eeze drops, but passed on the Airborne (I’ve had mixed results with it thus far.) I’m home now, and the crappy feelings are really starting to kick in – so I’m heading back into the medicine cabinet to see if there’s some Zicam left.

    Finally, I’ll be dosing shortly before bedtime with my favorite relief medication of all – a hefty helping of irish whiskey, added to a mug of tea with lemon and honey.

    I’m hoping that if I pile on now, I can try and head it off at the pass. Here’s hoping, anyway…!

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