Caprial and John’s Boo Boo

This evening I was watching Caprial and John’s Kitchen, a show I rather enjoy and they were doing a piece on food for picnics. They had some wonderful recipes.

Anyhow, at one point they kind of made a stink about how you absolutely have to bring wine with you on a picnic. Then there was a shot of them picnicking with some wine in Washington Park.

Now, I agree wine on a picnic is great but you can’t have alcohol in any of Portland’s parks without a picnic permit. The cheapest of which is $21.75 and that doesn’t include the application fee of $12.00.

Drinking in public is not for the poor.

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  1. Russ (unregistered) on February 27th, 2006 @ 4:33 pm

    I think we need to go on the assumption here that Caprial and John had already purchased a picnic permit.

    Agreed, alcohol permits for picnics are a bit of a PITA, and by PITA I don’t mean the bread that goes with the wine.

    Cool for them to show Washington Park as the picnic site- short of some beaches, I know of no more idyllic picnic spot for groups, a couple or even the self. Many was the time that I snuck out of my cliffside townhome overlooking NW 23rd, ran down to Elephants Deli when it was at the Uptown Shopping Center, copped a sandwich and drove to the park. Sat under my favorite tree up untill the “you need to get back to work” voices started roaring in my head.

    Wine is nice – even preferable- for a picnic but not absolutely necessary. But goat or brie cheese, now there oughta be a law requiring some in every picnic basket!

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