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Max schedule all messed up

at least for te yellow line it is. 45 minutes between trains and even when I called 238 ride, the automaton kept telling me the train was due to arrive.
the other thing that irks me is that after us waiting, the driver knows he’s late, but makes no announcement. also, trimet has those expensive readerboards that say nothing abou why we’re all waiting.

is it saturday and I just don’t realize it.

Chinese “state bird?”

when my parents returned from a trip in china, my mom relayed a tourist joke- there is so much construction in the cities that the cranes are euphamistically called china’s “state bird.”
from MAX on the steel bridge, I count 9 cranes. most are in NW or Sout waterfront, but there are a few in the heart of downtown.
is that too many? is it good?
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weigh in on Schumacher Furs and the protests

so, all week we’ve been hearing about the challenge between Schumacher Furs and the anti-fur protesters. from what i’ve read, it seems the relationship between the two is a bit strained. police become involved weekly. maybe someone should bring pie.

another thought would be for more people to show up. i’m thinking we as fellow portlanders could come on by and just observe. come by and stand there, no-commital. hundreds of us who just hang out with no purpose or opinion.

or, we could all come with anti Schumacher Fur posters…..

just a thought….

PS: it’s my understanding that there are monthly protests against KFC on NE Williams on the first saturday of every month from 11am-1pm.

Tri-met #4

is it me or is the #4 always late. everytime I try and catch it downtown, it never follows the published or digital schedule. it pisses me off.
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Yet another sign of spring!

The Portland Farmers Market opens for the season Saturday morning, hooray! They’ll be in the usual space by PSU, running from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm.

And they’ve also updated their website – you can get a list of vendors (complete with links to their own sites), a preview of upcoming attractions, and even a handy list of what you can expect to find in season right now.

I’ll be there myself on Saturday (I originally wrote ‘tomorrow’, only to be corrected by an astute reader) – but was bummed to not yet see Touch of Grace on the list of vendors offering up bagels (I was one of the lucky few to score some bagels during an inaugural appearance one blustery winter morning.) But a quick Google search revealed that bagels will be forthcoming at least three times (starting on the 22nd of April.)

In the meantime, I’ll settle for some greens and other spring-y things instead…

Westerner Motel fire update

from the portlandonline forums, local north precinct officers state the fire was suspicious. numerous “drug contacts” have made the westerner home.

also, the neon Vacancy sign is lit if you need a room in a burned out Motel.
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Last night,

Randy Leonard was whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

It started off innocuously enough, of course. I woke up at 3 in the morning, stumbled out of bed to check email (doesn’t everyone do this when insomnia hits?), fired off a lengthy comment to this BlueOregon post, and then crawled back into bed. I figured I’d perform my civic duty by tuning into channel 29 (I’ve been catching up on school board meetings this way as well), and hit the jackpot: a Portland City Council meeting talking about the budget process.

If I remember correctly, Randy was stating his case for an independent budget finance group reporting directly to the four council members (personally, I was mesmerized by his yellow half-zip pullover sweater), while Tim Grewe was rebutting by claiming that the current group was already willing to serve. Or something like that – remember, it was three in the morning. (Note to the people sitting in the row behind Leonard: If the guy in front of you is talking, you might want to keep your weird facial grimaces contained, hmmm?)

The next thing I remember, Randy’s crouched down next to me, whispering persuasively into my ear. He needs me, you see – to offer up public testimony in support of his idea so that Grampy will start to believe that it’s a ‘vision thing’ after all.

I demur, of course – after all, I’m just not that kind of girl (the comments I’ve been posting hither and yon about school funding issues on local blogs around town notwithstanding.) But that sweater…it was just so mesmerizing….

I can feel myself just about to give in (either that or it’s the bourbon I had before bedtime weakening my resistance.) Instead, I awake to the blue screen on Channel 29, and an alarm clock telling me it’s time to get up already.

That does it. No more public access television after midnight for me…!

Kalaisha Watrous donation fund

you may have seen the news article last week about a woman riding on a scooter getting into an accident. well, she’s a close friend of a close friend and we know her. it’s a pretty scary story and her injuries were significant. the local scooter club has setup a place to make a donation. if you can, any dollar will help. she’s a good gal.

Kalaisha Watrous donation fund

KATU story about the accident

Sauvie Island bridge recycling

thanks to ben, i went over to Sam’s Blog to read the tram story and stumbled on the story that the City is considering recycling the center span of the current Sauvie Island bridge. (mulnomah county is currently building a new bridge and the current bridge is for sale for $1 i think.) The span would be moved downtown to facilitate a pedestrian and bike bridge over I405 in NW. The post has all the details about approximate cost and risks and rewards. Further, there is some discussion in the comments that makes one think.

I love the idea of recycling a bridge. That’s cool.

Check it here.

Costs of Tramming

Sam’s blog has a post about the costs of stopping the tram at this point. His “from the hip” shot pegs the cost at around 36 million.


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