weigh in on Schumacher Furs and the protests

so, all week we’ve been hearing about the challenge between Schumacher Furs and the anti-fur protesters. from what i’ve read, it seems the relationship between the two is a bit strained. police become involved weekly. maybe someone should bring pie.

another thought would be for more people to show up. i’m thinking we as fellow portlanders could come on by and just observe. come by and stand there, no-commital. hundreds of us who just hang out with no purpose or opinion.

or, we could all come with anti Schumacher Fur posters…..

just a thought….

PS: it’s my understanding that there are monthly protests against KFC on NE Williams on the first saturday of every month from 11am-1pm.

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  1. PAgent (unregistered) on March 31st, 2006 @ 8:26 am

    Out of curiousity, do you also feel that inciting the appearance of crowds of anti-abortion protestors at women’s clinics is an acceptable method of encouraging social change?

    In both cases, the protestors are there to take a stand against what they see as an immoral practice.

  2. jonashpdx (unregistered) on March 31st, 2006 @ 9:20 am

    it’s kind of a stretch to make between watching the anti-fur protesters (who are there to make a scene) and standing outside an abortion clinic for something that is obviously private. while i don’t support the wearing of fur, really, every time I see the protesters outside that store just looking to start some shit, i wonder if their obvious energy and passion could be funnelled into something more productive– or even if they still wanted to protest making fur, how about doing it in a way that makes me think about the abuse of animals or invites more people to join rather than the spectacle they’re making of themselves.

  3. dieselboi (unregistered) on March 31st, 2006 @ 10:27 am

    the point i was making was a bit toungue and cheek. these protests have been going on for years, just like the antiwar protests that happen on the corner of pio square once a week. my thought, under the guise of a flash mob, was to have a ton of people show up to show how absurd it is that the issue is now getting media attention. if either side wants more attention (which it appears they do), let’s give it to them. i think it would be fun.

    i disagree with fur, but that wasn’t the purpose of my post.

    thanks for the comments.

  4. dr mastermind (unregistered) on April 5th, 2006 @ 6:43 pm

    well. yes only in portland where everyone is fat and there is no military. i am an animal lover but…. believe me when the food is gone youll eat anythijng whether it has a face or not. only in a country where every asshole thinks they can play god….dies this happen- why not protest the beef council or those kill em and grill em factories?.. cuz youd have to go”out of your way to get to the farms and most likely take some buckshot in your righteous asses…
    probably the same people who will stand up for”medicinal marijauna when an economic plan that MAKES MONEY might get it legalised for all of us who dont want to feign sick (ohn itll be legal but carry the same regs as morphine.
    so.. after watching the ‘protests i decided the man i will call is TED NUGENT an aquaintance of mine who talks sense about this subject.
    how many protesters EAT animals. ???
    in the 60’s protests USED TO BE going against the “man” but now it looks like a FAD that wannabe hippies can get behind- no one inportlanbd takes anything serious we live in the last place anythijng happens in the world scale- speaking of which how many have been to europe?
    EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK people are dressed head to toe in leather and fur.
    so get ready folks THE NUGE IS COMIN TO TOWN
    without fur and the fur trade there would be no oregon or oregon trail or lewis and clark trail or college,… i do feel for the animals but hey..
    how many of you feel the same way about your pot plants? do you cry when yo kill em and burn em?
    i dont see much difference if you really are into life- ifyou’re into freedom let people be youll never make a dent NO one in teh rest of teh world takes this part ofd our country serious its the last place anything gets to..and i know- selling stuff to the world is my business.
    like protesting only the wars you read about or see on tv, my father was a mercenary for 20 odd years america has been at war forever you just dont and wont know about it because its contracted and off limits to the press. the 60’s are gone muich to my chagrin what biugs me is people who watch woodstock dread their hair and forget a bath and they think they can change the world- youll have to wait for it to go ulktra conservatibe under martial law which will happen eventually ifyou keep doing this kind of stuff.
    thenh we will need a shift to that direction.
    until then… really lookl at what you wear and see how many body parts are in those organic clothes…… youll be amazed at the capitalist hippies that sell you this stuff knowing you are
    a gullible market. i think that about sums it up. seeya on tv!

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