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Darfur Rally @ Pioneer Square

Darfur Rally

Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

It looks like Pio Square had some company this weekend – this photo from Sunday’s rally to bring attention to the atrocities of Darfur. This was just one of many demonstrations and rallies accross the nation. In DC, George Clooney got on stage to tell everyone about him and his father’s trip to the region.

Thanks for coming to Portland Amnesty International. Come again soon.
Thanks to Superinkygrrl for photographing.

Amanda Fritz’ website is on the fritz

Update: Site is back up this a.m. but is awfully s-l-o-w to load

And that’s not a pun.

The 47 year-old citizen activist, running for Dan Saltzman’s Portland City Council seat, has her own website, at

That’s not surprising.

But at 8 p.m. tonight I tried her site from multiple connections, and well, her last name matches the state of her website.

Who knows, maybe she and or her staff have gone in and are changing some things.

Or maybe she already knows and is trying to reach her website host.

If Fritz doesn’t know, then what does that say about her ability to stay on top of stuff? Core skill set for a City Commissioner, don’t ya think?

Hey we all know when it comes to website tech, site happens.. but IMHO doesn’t look good on a Sunday nite where voters are perusing ballots just received yesterday.

Road tripping without guilt…

I had a 10 am coffee-free* brunch meeting on a kid-free weekend – so decided to spring for a FlexCar for the day (pay five hours, get an entire day’s use if you reserve certain cars.) And we decided to take advantage of the great weather to do some aimless windows-down, radio on ‘aim that way’ driving in between the errands and planned stops. We touched all five areas of town (yes, five), almost all of the highways, and five bridges as a result.

Since I was driving a Honda Civic hybrid and gas was included, we didn’t even feel guilty about burning up the miles.

Where’d I go? NE for groceries. NW for a meeting (and a quick trip out to get a box of coffee for all once the coffee-less state was detected.) Back home to grab my traveling companion, then 84 out to Gateway (BiMart called), then down 122nd south of Powell. Back to NE, then SE for lunch, and a Ben & Jerry’s stop. Back over the Morrison Bridge to Burnside, then Skyline Boulevard all the way to Cornelius Pass. The guy mentioned that he hadn’t been to St. Helens in years…why not…?

Headed back to town, took a detour over the newly refurbished St. John’s Bridge, then a trip down Willamette Blvd and Greeley. We’re near the Fremont Bridge? Let’s make a loop around downtown (the guy had his digital camera, was busy snapping pictures out the window.)

Sure, the lawn didn’t get mowed – and it’s not on the agenda any time soon, alas. The plants I bought will have to stay root-bound until the weekend. But I got to smell hay and pine and gusts of fresh air. I got to see mountains from afar. And I got to blow off the stink of an overscheduled week, even as I head into one that’s identically booked solid.

Gulty? Sorry, not today…

May 1 protests downtown

If you haven’t heard, there will definately be a major march/demonstration in downtown Portland tomorrow May 1. In 2000, the MayDay protest got ugly with riot police being called in. This year, with the immigration issue at the forefront, I expect the anarchists and gutter punks to use what would normally be a peaceful rally to hide their violent action. be prepared if you are downtown or plan on being there anytime betwen 12noon and 5pm. also, if you are downtown, be careful. you never know when such events can turn ugly. obviously, someone is preparing to get arrested.

come back to Portland Metblogs for possible up to date live from the scene footage.

Rob Brading for HD 49

Originally uploaded by benkay.

This weekend I volunteered out at Rob Brading’s campaign for House District 49. I took a few (six) pictures of the massive group of volunteers that showed up to kick Karen Minnis out.

She’s straight-up corrupt, you see.

Perfect Iced Tea

Step one: Get a glass container that can only be described as gihugic.

Step two: Fill said container with cool water, and add tea bags-for the proportions I’m dealing with this means six (6) Lipton bags and two (2) peppermint.

Step three: (This may actually need to be step one as it usually takes longest) find a person (or persons) who can wrangle said container out into the sun.

Step four: (at least at Chez Fishbones anyway): Obsess over the color of the tea in the jar until you are convinced it’s been out long enough. Round up those involved in Step Three and get them to wrangle it back inside.

Step five: Make a lovely Simple Syrup and let it cool.

Step six: While the simple syrup cools, locate all available receptacles for tea. Transfer tea into those containers. (PRO TIP: do not squeeze the teabags, all that is left in them is generally liquid you do not want to drink.)

Step seven: Realize your refrigerator can hold either food or tea but not both. Forsake a number of mystery containers in favor of tea.

Step eight: Find the largest drinking container you can reasonably lift when full. Fill approx. 1/3 of the way up with ice cubes, pour a bit (to taste) of simple syrup on top of them, and fill remainder with tea.

Step nine: Repeat step eight till you realize the tea is gone. Start over at step one.

Friday Night Fight At Wieden and Kennedy

Friday was fight night at Wieden and Kennedy. Advertising managers were beating the crap out of each other. Seven bouts in all, the W&K gym served as an actual boxing ring for the ad execs to duke it out. There was blood, beer provided by Rogue Brewery and pulled pork biscuit sandwiches by the Gotham Tavern.

Maybe next time they’ll wrestle.

PDX blog scene; weekend edition

  • Oh maaan – looks like Bojack’s gonna go all hip hop on our asses at Candidates Gone Wild – but I’m already committed to attend a school board meeting that evening, damn it all!
  • JD’s giving his immigrant employees time off with pay to attend Monday’s rally – I’d have expected nothing less from this class act.
  • Food Dude scoops everyone in town with the news that Gotham Building restaurant is closed and Family Supper is on hiatus – yep, it’s straight from Naomi Hebberoy herself.
  • Bridger laments the fact that paying the Multnomah County i-Tax forced him into drinking PBR the other day on Bridger’s Beer Log (my heartfelt condolences, sir.)
  • And don’t forget – fellow MetBlogger Rusty is offering up Real Cash Prizes out of his own pocket for his ‘Beautiful Weekend’ PDX photo contest – details here

(I’m sharing a cliff notes summary of sorts in a lame attempt to rationalize the tons of time I spend reading blogs…)

Why is it…

…that the folks with the ‘hang up and drive’ bumper stickers are the worst drivers I see?

I could have gotten plowed over this morning by a woman who barely came to a rolling sort-of-stop as she sped towards NE Broadway heading south on 25th (and definitely over the speed limit for that residential side street, I’m sure.)

She didn’t even look over to see that I was already in the crosswalk and had the right of way as she made her right turn, sped through the light at 24th, and promptly cut across three lanes of traffic in one fell swoop – I’m pretty sure she didn’t even notice me, actually (and I’m not so hard to miss.)

Sure enough, on the back of her white minivan? ‘Hang up and drive.’

Uh, okay…

What do you have to say?

I’m shamelessly stealing an idea from Lynn over at Oregon Media Insiders and starting an inaugural ‘weekend open thread’ (for all things PDX only, please.)

What’s on your mind? What have you seen around town lately that’s made you go hmmmm? What’s the best thing you have lined up for your weekend (I’m going to clean out a two-years-dormant gas grill and get a new tank of propane, woo hoo!)

As the old cliche goes, inquiring minds want to know…

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