Perfect Iced Tea

Step one: Get a glass container that can only be described as gihugic.

Step two: Fill said container with cool water, and add tea bags-for the proportions I’m dealing with this means six (6) Lipton bags and two (2) peppermint.

Step three: (This may actually need to be step one as it usually takes longest) find a person (or persons) who can wrangle said container out into the sun.

Step four: (at least at Chez Fishbones anyway): Obsess over the color of the tea in the jar until you are convinced it’s been out long enough. Round up those involved in Step Three and get them to wrangle it back inside.

Step five: Make a lovely Simple Syrup and let it cool.

Step six: While the simple syrup cools, locate all available receptacles for tea. Transfer tea into those containers. (PRO TIP: do not squeeze the teabags, all that is left in them is generally liquid you do not want to drink.)

Step seven: Realize your refrigerator can hold either food or tea but not both. Forsake a number of mystery containers in favor of tea.

Step eight: Find the largest drinking container you can reasonably lift when full. Fill approx. 1/3 of the way up with ice cubes, pour a bit (to taste) of simple syrup on top of them, and fill remainder with tea.

Step nine: Repeat step eight till you realize the tea is gone. Start over at step one.

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