Road tripping without guilt…

I had a 10 am coffee-free* brunch meeting on a kid-free weekend – so decided to spring for a FlexCar for the day (pay five hours, get an entire day’s use if you reserve certain cars.) And we decided to take advantage of the great weather to do some aimless windows-down, radio on ‘aim that way’ driving in between the errands and planned stops. We touched all five areas of town (yes, five), almost all of the highways, and five bridges as a result.

Since I was driving a Honda Civic hybrid and gas was included, we didn’t even feel guilty about burning up the miles.

Where’d I go? NE for groceries. NW for a meeting (and a quick trip out to get a box of coffee for all once the coffee-less state was detected.) Back home to grab my traveling companion, then 84 out to Gateway (BiMart called), then down 122nd south of Powell. Back to NE, then SE for lunch, and a Ben & Jerry’s stop. Back over the Morrison Bridge to Burnside, then Skyline Boulevard all the way to Cornelius Pass. The guy mentioned that he hadn’t been to St. Helens in years…why not…?

Headed back to town, took a detour over the newly refurbished St. John’s Bridge, then a trip down Willamette Blvd and Greeley. We’re near the Fremont Bridge? Let’s make a loop around downtown (the guy had his digital camera, was busy snapping pictures out the window.)

Sure, the lawn didn’t get mowed – and it’s not on the agenda any time soon, alas. The plants I bought will have to stay root-bound until the weekend. But I got to smell hay and pine and gusts of fresh air. I got to see mountains from afar. And I got to blow off the stink of an overscheduled week, even as I head into one that’s identically booked solid.

Gulty? Sorry, not today…

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