X-Men and Theaters

I went and saw X-Men 3 this weekend (no protesting at my theater of choice). My short and spoiler-free review is this:

You know how you have to write a report and you come up short a little bit so you nudge the margins in a little and you jack up the font size a point or two? It’s a really good report and all, but a bit shorter than it should be? That’s my feeling about this film. I liked it but I wanted more plot and less pyrotechnics. I love me some ‘splosions, but come on.


I spent a lot of the film trying to tune out the obnoxious people behind me who apparently paid to sit in a theater and not only talk to each other about stupid stuff (loudly, mind you, and often-the guy behind me who saw the Golden Gate Bridge and asked if we were in San Francisco was at least mostly quiet aside from that), but also ANSWER THEIR CELL PHONES and laugh and kick seats.

I realized at that moment what I wanted my mutant power to be: I want to control sound. It would be great! I could focus it into being heard at a distance, or send alerts to people, or even cause some discomfortor worse-if I wanted to. I would like to think I could also disperse sound so that maybe just once I could go to a theater and enjoy a film in silence.

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  1. FoodDude (unregistered) on May 30th, 2006 @ 4:24 pm

    I went to the same movie. Between the bright blinking lights of people text messaging throughout the movie, and the people talking on their cell phones during the movie, I was reminded why I like Netflix so much.

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