Portland: Smaller than you think

This weekend I was out with Mister Fishbones and way more people than I expected-don’t people leave town on a three day weekend?

We headed to the Farmer’s Market, rain be damned. We weren’t the only ones who thought so apparently-I bumped into fellow Metblogger Alex while I was there.

Then since we were downtown anyway, Mister Fishbones decided to prowl the sale at Meier & Frank (it was the weekend-of course there was a sale at M&F) for some shoes. While there I ran into a cow-orker from my last job-one of the ones I was partial to because he and I could geek about Lost and Battlestar Galactica and whatever other sci-fi neato stuff-and we caught up briefly before wandering off to look at something else (I don’t know what, it was Mister Fishbones’ shopping trip).

After that it was off to REI to return a tent, and while there ran into another of my former cow-orkers from a different job-we used to carpool in his shiny new Prius the first year they were available, and I babysat for him a couple of times. So then WE caught up on this and that as well.

All of this on a rainy Saturday during a holiday weekend. We went to get some lunch after that but my ‘lucky’ streak was ended-we didn’t see anyone there I knew.

So just when I start thinking Portland’s gotten all big-time, something like this readjusts my outlook.

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  1. Betsy (unregistered) on June 1st, 2006 @ 6:25 am

    I run into people I know all the time, it seems. And I don’t really know *that* many people…!

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