So Hip It Hurts

My girlfriend and I recently went to the Stumptown coffee shop on Belmont and I felt like a Crip walking into Blood territory. I’ve never felt more invisible, maybe it was because I was wearing a button down shirt and tie, or that I didn’t have enough body piercings showing, or that my face was without a soul patch and I don’t have any tattoos. Or perhaps it was my clothes didn’t look secondhand, or my hair didn’t have that perfect I just fell out of bed look, or the fact that I’m over 35, well over 35.

The guy at the counter barely acknowledged us even though he was friendly and chatty with everyone else ordering coffee. Then when I asked someone if I could sneak by them to grab a copy of the Mercury they acted like they didn’t hear me. When I asked again, they gave me a look like I was something that needed to be scraped off the bottom of their shoe.

I know part of being hip is to have a bit of an attitude, but does that mean we have to lose all common courtesy. When you’re trying so hard to be cool doesn’t that make you uncool?

I don’t get that kind of attitude when I walk around Mississippi Ave. How come Belmont hipsters feel so unfriendly lately?

It could be whoever said, “Society is the devil’s masquerade,” was right; I think it was Goethe, or R. A. Wilson, or maybe it was George Carlin.

God I feel old.

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  1. PAgent (unregistered) on July 10th, 2006 @ 7:12 pm

    “When you’re trying so hard to be cool doesn’t that make you uncool?”

    “How come Belmont hipsters feel so unfriendly lately?”

    By virtue of even asking these questions, you are revealing exactly how unhip you really are. I suspect the answer, if you could get a bona fide hipster to deign to give it to you, would be a curled lip, a roll of the eyes, and a heavy sigh.

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