My girlfriend, Taryn and I were awakened from a dead sleep at 5:30AM by a sound we first thought to be construction. We both jerked up startled and stared at each other groggily but the noise had stopped. “What the Hell was that?” I asked in a gravelly morning voice.

“Did a pipe break downstairs?” she asked me.

Then we heard the rumbling again.

“It sounds like someone is in the house rattling things.” I mumbled while stumbling out of bed. “I’ll go look around.”

“Should I call 911?” Asked Taryn.

“Hold on a minute. Is the noise coming from outside?”

More rumbling.

“What ever it is it’s shaking the whole house.” Taryn said.

One more rumble. Then we both started laughing as we realized it was the sound of our neighbor snoring.

“Oh my God.” Taryn laughed closing the window. “Talk about noise pollution.”

“Yeah.” I said yawning. “I think all call the mayor and see if I can get all people that snore moved to a different part of town.”

Then Taryn went back to sleep and I walked to the PC wiping the sleep from my eyes to write this down.

Good Morning Portland.

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