Cool Shades

Last week my cheap sunglasses finally gave up the ghost. I’ve been searching for another inexpensive pair since then without much luck. I hate to pay more than ten dollars for a pair of sunglasses. The last cut-rate pair I had lasted two years. I got them from Hot Topic for ten bucks. What a bargain!

This time however, Hot Topic’s selection of shades was a little too punk. Right Aid and Walgreens didn’t have anything worth paying for. I checked out a couple of 7-11s with no luck. Fred Meyer had some decent sunglasses but they were fifteen dollars. I held out. Not because of principle, but because I’m poor.

My waiting paid off. I finally found my dream shades. They’re sturdy, don’t look too dorky and only cost me $6.99! I found them at a Texaco of all places.

I’d only had them on for about twenty minutes when a rather attractive looking female walked by and said, “Cool shades man.” and I’m pretty sure she said it with almost no sarcasm.

Whoo-Hoo! Score one for the pasty white nerd in cheap sunglasses!

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