Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton

Today is Wil Wheaton‘s birthday and though I’ve never met the man, I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for introducing me to the world of blogging. I am far from techno geek and don’t really know shit when it comes to computers, but the blog-o-sphere has enriched my life in ways I never expected.

It all started about four years ago when I first came across Wil’s blog. Back then I didn’t even know it was called a blog. One day while wasting time surfing, I came across this website run by the guy who used to be Wesley Crusher. Before I knew it I was hooked and checking his site everyday for a new post.

I never even considered starting my own blog until a surgery left me house bound for a few weeks. I didn’t have a lot to do except surf the web and read a copy of “Just a Geek” that a friend had given to me.

Just a Geek“, Wil’s blog, and the painkillers I was taking after my surgery are what made me decide I should start my own blog. Sure I still cringe when I read my first dozen or so posts, but in general my life has become better since I started blogging. My writing skills are improving, (At least, I like to think so.) I’ve become more introspective, and I’ve started to view the world as a place with a story everywhere.

The greatest thing of all that blogging has brought me though, is a friend and family member I thought were lost forever who saw my name on metroblogs. We have since gotten back in touch and I can’t begin to tell you the joy this has brought into my life.

Blogging is making me a better person and I owe it all to Wil Wheaton. I know he didn’t invent the blog, but he sure helped make it cool and as far as I’m concerned Wil Wheaton is the Godfather of blogging.

I propose that Wil’s birthday be deemed the blogger’s holiday. From now on every July 29 I will blog, play a little poker and raise my favorite beer in a toast to Wil.

Here’s to you Wil, may your fingers fly across the keyboard like they were greased in butter and may your comments be free of haters. Thanks for helping to make my life a better one.

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