No Apple store on 23rd

I’ve been hearing talk for quite awhile about Apple’s plans to open up another store in Portland on NW 23rd street. Apparently the communities historic landmark commission didn’t like the idea forcing Apple to cancel their plans for this location. The location in question is 437 NW 23rd where a former bridal shop now sits empty.

I really don’t get why these people didn’t want Apple to move in. The obvious reason that they gave is that they didn’t like the proposed design of the building. Their plan was to tear down the ugly thing that sits there now and start over with their store. I understand how you want to keep the feel of certain hoods and not have everyone building big crazy things all around it.. But I think that NW 23rd lost that “historic” feel a long time ago. I don’t get how you let Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters and Gap all have spots but you turn down Apple? It would have been the best part of 23rd had they let them do their thing.

Anyway, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. There is another article on this guy’s website that includes pictures and his in depth analysis of the story as well.

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  1. Matt (unregistered) on August 8th, 2006 @ 7:16 am

    They’re both ugly buildings. Maybe the commission is holding out for a less ugly one to take the place of the truly horrific one that’s there right now.

  2. TKrueg (unregistered) on August 8th, 2006 @ 9:49 am

    It makes much more sense to build that cold and monolithic (but cool) store somewhere south of Burnside instead. The downtown retail core is being bled of its ‘destination’ shops by the Pearl and NW 23rd. Nike Town looks like Ghost Town, and many prominent storefronts are turning over more often.

    The balance of retail and office space downtown has always been one of the biggest reasons we’ve succeeded where other cities have failed in developing lively central districts. It would be a shame to see it become ‘dead’ after 5pm and on weekends.

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