Russian Roulette with your Car

Well, it finally happened, there was finally an accident right in front of my house this afternoon. I knew it was coming; actually I’m kind of surprised it didn’t happen sooner. See, I live in residential area, in a house that is on one corner of a four-way intersection. There are stop signs on the street that goes east, west and almost all the windows in my house have a view of that intersection.

More than half of the cars and bicycles that I see come to those stop signs don’t stop and about half of those ass-hats don’t even slow down. I knew a crash was inevitable.

I can’t say for sure if ignoring the stop sign is what caused this accident, I didn’t witness the first impact, but I was sitting in the living room chatting when I heard the crash. When I turned my head to look out the window cars were still moving and my girlfriend swears she heard a scream just before we heard the crunching metal.

Sadly, one person from each car was taken away in an ambulance and both cars were towed. I hope that everyone turns out to be ok.

After the accident, while the two cars sat in the street obviously having just been in a wreck, I saw two cyclists and one car go through the intersection without stopping.

What the Hell is wrong with people? The stop signs are there to keep accidents from happening. When you ignore them, even in what seems like a quiet, low traffic, residential neighborhood, it’s like you’re playing Russian Roulette, except that when there’s a bullet in the chamber it doesn’t hit just you, it also hits the other people around you.

(That’s the end of my dramatic rant, but I hope I made my point.)

I love this city and I think we’re a friendly city. Please lets be more friendly when we’re driving and think about the other guy.

There was one other thing I noticed; every neighbor living on one corner of the accident site instantly came running out to offer assistance. I’m thankful I live in that kind of neighborhood.

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