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Trick or…pizza?

It was apparently the happening dinner item on tonight’s menu in Irvington, anyway…

For the sixth year in a row, I was hosting my poor deprived friends from SW without sidewalks in their neighborhood for our annual ‘eat dinner, drink wine, take kids out trick-or-treating Halloween extravaganza.’ And earlier in the week, I’d had lofty ambitions that included a lamb stew made completely from Saturday’s farmer’s market haul.

Uh – my ‘work from home’ day went so far afield that I bailed on the stew, figuring I’d order take-out pizzas from Pizza Schmizza instead. I was congratulating myself on placing the order early – 4:30 – only to watch my projected end date slide on by as a horde of folks came in to pick up their pizzas instead.

Not only did those people order earlier than I did, but they also came bearing discount coupons – the same coupons I keep seeing in my mailbox, only to file away and promptly forget about.

Damn – I’ll need to filch a hell of a lot of Twix bars out of my daughter’s candy stash to make up for the fifty bucks I just dropped on dinner tonight. Next year? I’ll put my political conscience aside (not to mention my taste buds) and do the ‘two for Tuesday’ Dominos deal instead…

Trick or Treat – An Exchange Program

We had to leave for a while this evening and were expecting a small number of kids coming around for their ritual sugar. We left the lights on and left a bowl of candy on the porch. When we returned home we found a few things left in the bowl…

… but they weren’t what we’d had there originally. Apparently someone decided to do some sort of candy exchange involving our bowl, so instead of leftovers of what we purchased, we now have several new types of sweets.

The whole thing seems odd to me. Why would someone leave candy for us? I guess maybe someone wanted to stock up on ours rather than keep what they had… anyone else had this happen to them?

Clark County Yard Landmark Going Out of Business

If you live in Clark County and you need to get rid of some yard debris, you’ve probably gone to (or at least heard of) H&H Wood Recyclers located off of SR-503. In addition to being a disposal and recycling location, they also offer rock and yard products for sale. Come the end of the year, they’re calling it quits.

I live about a mile from H&H and at least twice a day I drive by on Padden Parkway, usually catching a whiff of the distinct odor of things degrading into compost. The owners of the company are ready to retire, and apparently local governments weren’t interested in a private/public partnership so the business will close. It will be interesting to see where residents will be able to dispose of yard debris, or if this will impact the city and county’s popular leaf recycling program.

So long H&H, you’ve been part of the Clark County yard scene for a long time.

Latest Poll- Ted, 51, Ron, 44

Finally going over 50 percent, incumbent Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski leads his GOP challenger Ron Saxton 51-44.

This is in the Rasmussen poll, released today. Last month, Ted was up by five- 47-42.

Here’s some more factoids from the poll:

HOW TOXIC ARE YOU? A real Halloween scare

[Disclaimer: if you’re a member of the Church of Scientology, this might bug you. Of course, you also might use it as a chance to share your opinion. Your response is entirely up to you. Either way, Happy Halloween.]

Watch out, Portlanders. If you’re like me, you, too, may receive the following Halloween scare.

Located on my car window:

“HOW TOXIC ARE YOU? Take this test and find out.”

I’d write out the whole thing for you, but there’s on on-line version here.

Generally, the questions focus on those cup-half-full moments we all have. Ever felt fatigued? Ever felt lifeless? Ever feel spaced-out? Irritable?

The truly scary part was the back. On this 10-question quiz, if you answered yes to 8 or more, “you could be experiencing a case of severe body pollution…”

Sheesh. Sounds bad. Now, if you only answered yes to 4-7 questions, one would expect their lot in life to be better. Not so; “you could have considerable accumulated toxins.”

I only marked 3, so I figured I’d be fine. But imagine my shock when I read that 3 or less meant that I “could have a level of >accumulated toxins in [my] body which can affect [my] ability to think clearly.”

I must be dying. Accumulated toxins? Body pollution?

If only I’d lived a clean life. Skipped the coffee, the beer, that occasional cigar. Maybe I wouldn’t have answered yes to any of the questions…

Not that it would matter. There’s no amnesty for the 0-yes person. Sadly, you fall in the “3 or less” range and still suffer the threat of toxin accumulation.

Thank God (I have no idea if that’s correct in this context) for L. Ron Hubbard’s “Purification Rundown.” Now I can de-toxify, whatever that means.

The piece of paper contains a website that I can go to for more info; “Your clear thinking — and your life — depend on it.” Unfortunately for them, I prefer to get my info on this brand of thinking clearly from South Park.

Those Dirty Birds

A couple weeks ago, our family was at the zoo and I noticed the Lorikeet exhibit was closed. I didn’t think much about it at the time since occasionally various animals are off display or unavailable to the public. Today I see that the reason for the exhibit being closed was that 15 birds had died from an unknown cause. They didn’t figure out the cause but they’re pretty sure it’s not a danger to humans. Hopefully our fine feathered friends stay in good health and we can enjoy hanging out avoiding droppings for many years into the future.

Note to self: wash hands using the supplied hand cleanser when leaving the lorikeet exhibit, which is now open again to the public.

Cycler’s Life

A cyclist moves to Portland and provides a fresh perspective on the local bicycle life.

Don’t Let Bad Handwriting Keep You From Voting

With Election Day just one week away – you should have received your ballot already. However if you didn’t you can:

A) Call your county elections office
Multnomah – 503.988.3720
Clackamas – 503.655.8510
Washington – 503.846.5800
Clark – 360.397.2345

B) Go online
Multnomah – Complete This Online Form
Clackamas –
Washington –
Clark –

I’ve had mine for a good week now (sorry Betsy, I haven’t sent it in yet – but I will!) but my husband hadn’t received his. He went online and filled out the form at the Multnomah County office, and received a reply the next day. We are in a new house since the last primary election and his address change had been entered incorrectly. So they are sending him a new one that he should get by tomorrow.

So if you thought you were registered but didn’t get a ballot – don’t give up – give ’em a call!

Strike (?) Against OMNI Interiors — Happening Now

There are about 20 people on the block of SW Broadway and Washington picketing OMNI Interiors right now with signs that say “OMNI interiors does not pay reasonable wages, etc” (couldn’t get a picture, so I’m paraphrasing).

Anybody know anything more about this?

It’s Frickin Freezing Out There

So… is anyone missing the mid-summer heat? As you’ve probably noticed, it’s a bit on the chilly side out there. It was 21 degrees at 7am at my house. That’s cold for this area. Has the cold had an impact on your daily life yet? I noticed a couple of my neighbors out scraping their cars this morning. For me, I noticed it the most when I had to go out behind my house at 1:30am a couple days ago to stop a pipe from rattling in a conduit against my house.

As I typed this, I see that Westside MAX service is disrupted due to a power outage in Hillsboro. Cold-related? Wouldn’t surprise me…

How many of you actually enjoy mornings in the 20s? Does it bring back pleasant memories of your Minnesota upbringing, or are you like me and find it a bit colder than you’d prefer?

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