Fighting the Noise With Gentleness

Here I am on the cliffside above NW 23rd., doing my daily blogging here, there and seemingly anywhere.

In my right ear, and down the cliff, I hear the heavy jackhammers and the shouted communications of workers feverishly racing to build the high-rise condos known as The Westerly. They will be gorgeous when done but the getting there seems to be going down at around 120db.

And in my left ear, the leafblowers. Yes, I know they are necessary, especially in a season named for leaves that have dropped to the ground.

But oh are they noisy.

I can work in noise, but I’d rather not.

Out then, come the headphones, and a punch-in to Comcast Digital Radio’s New Age channel.

That’s the gentleness I refer to.

Right now I am listening to Paul Lansky’s 19-minute synthesizer opus, “Ride.”

I am now transported to another time and place. The REIT-driven construction mania and the leafblower’s roar are completely drowned out.

I suggest something similar for you.

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  1. browse (unregistered) on December 1st, 2006 @ 8:39 am

    Leaf blowers are _not_ necessary! Rakes work perfectly fine!

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