There’s no reason to drink and drive tonight

Let me amend that – there’s never a valid reason for drinking and then driving. But New Year’s Eve has a way of persuading normally sane people that they really haven’t had that much to drink; they’ll be able to manage “just this once.” After surveying Portland’s streets last night, I have just one piece of advice: DON’T

I went out last night with friends; I was the driver when we started our excursion. But after I noted the generous pour (not to mention the reasonable price) in my bourbon glass while we waited for a dinner table – well, I pulled my keys out with a flourish and handed them over to my companion, who doesn’t drink at all.

I didn’t use it as an excuse to tie one on – but after a second drink with dinner and a long day that started at 7 am, I was also clearly in no condition to drive, especially amongst all the other crazies out there (some people don’t need the excuse of alcohol to drive like morons 24/7, you know.) So I got to ride shotgun and observe instead.

In the next 40 minutes or so (from inner SE to downtown to a few points in NE), I counted at least five police cars trolling for unsafe drivers – including at least one who followed us for a brief distance. And I watched at least one or two cars get detained.

So, if you were thinking of driving tonight? Why not catch MAX instead – it runs until 3 am; and is free after 8 or 9. Or carpool with a designated driver – most places will be more than happy to take care of your driver with free non-alcoholic beverages. And do carry your cell phone and cab numbers, just in case.

I’d like to see you back here next year, please…

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  1. no one in particular (unregistered) on January 2nd, 2007 @ 3:28 pm

    I decided not to drink-and-bike for my own safety… it sucked. I took a cab to a party in SE around 10:30pm and planned on leaving around 12:30 to go to Holocene. So at 12:30ish I called a cab company and when I finally got through, I was told to expect a two-hour wait.

    I ended up just staying at the party and calling a nearby friend to ask if I could crash at their house.

    Next year, I’m going to drink-and-bike and risk the tickets and the chance of getting killed by a car.

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