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Guerilla Marketing bomb scare

As you may know, there was a massive bomb scare in Boston today. It turned out to be an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Turner Broadcasting as a guerrilla marketing campaign for their show on the Cartoon Network named Adult Swim. Someone’s got some questions to answer.
According to CNN, Portland is on the list:

Turner said the devices had been in place for two to three weeks in Boston; New York; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

So, all you readers, I want to know where these items are before they are taken down. Anyone? I’ll head out and take photos.
Metroblogging Boston has ongoing updates.

I was wondering if I should call this Gorilla marketing since today is indeed Gorilla Suit wearing day.

Google Maps Mashups

So by now everyone knows about Google Maps, and it’s nice to have an alternative to Mapquest. But did you know it’s all well documented and such so that people can make their own useful stuff out of Google Maps? It’s true!

For one, we have the spectacular Housing Maps, a mashup of the Gmap and Craigslist housing ads (for rent, for sale, roomies, etc). Then there is the super fantastic Unthirsty which Betsy told us all about, and I have used on a number of occasions to resolve my thirst-related issues. Of course Personal Telco’s node map uses part Maps and part Earth to get the job done. One that I personally have used is the Record Store Map which I find infinitely useful when I am on the prowl for something.

And of course, being Portland, the next logical question becomes applying Google maps to beer searching. Well, that’s been done too! You can look for Portland area McMenamin’s Pubs with this map mashup.

I love that Google Maps can be tailored and that Google prefers it that way. It’s always fun to see what other people do with something like this. If I missed one that’s particularly awesome, please put it in the comments.

Portland and The O: Less Bodies in the Hole

I’ve been known to harass the local media for their occasional screwups, but sometimes I see a headline that just makes me chuckle. Like this one that just came across my feed aggregator: “Pedestrians advised to use caution around SE Portland sinkhole”.

The article begins with “The city of Portland advises pedestrians to use caution when passing near the massive sinkhole…” (I’d throw up a link to the article, but The O’s permalinks are still borked)

I’d just like to say a big thank you to both the city and The Oregonian for helping to spread the word that folks should avoid falling into the hole. ’cause you know, without the article, we’d have bodies piling up in the hole! Of course… with enough bodies, eventually there wouldn’t be a hole. Life is complicated…

Puppets for Young and Old(er)

If you like the idea of debauched puppetry, the annual insanity known as ‘Drunk Puppet Night’ will be appearing from Thursday, Feb. 1 to Saturday, Feb. 3 at 8 pm. That’s THREE shows, so if you’ve always meant to watch the demented happenings at DPN, but never managed to make it, you have no excuses this year.

These performances are NOT for the kiddies, and to reinforce that fact, the shows are at the Someday Lounge, so 21 and older only, please. Tickets are $15 at the door.

On a more family-friendly note, Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre will also be performing “The Shoemaker and the Elves” from Feb. 2-18. The premiere is 7:30 on Friday the 2nd, with subsequent shows on Saturdays at 11 am and Sundays at 2 and 4 pm. All performances are in Brunish Hall at the PCPA. Tickets for the shows can be purchased at the PCPA box office, or ordered online via Ticketmaster.

Hollywood is Coming (Back) to Town

After recently filming Feast of Love here in various locations around town, along with a few other Oregon-related productions, it looks like somebody in Hollywood has a little crush on Portland, as a new film, Untraceable, will soon be shooting in our fair city. A bunch of semi-famous cast members have been announced to join the lovely and talented Diane Lane in this new entry into the neverending FBI-agent-chasing-serial-killer genre. But this time with Internet!

While some of the crew have been spotted in town already, it looks like filming will start in February, so keep your eyes peeled for big lights, trailers, and the possible sighting of stars. Me, I’ll be hunting down Ms. Lane to pass her my own variation on the spy-on-the-run-from-corrupt-spymasters crappy spec script that was written a while back with her in mind (true story!).

Where in Portland?


Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

Just found this yesterday and decided to revive the “Where in Portland is this?” game. There really aren’t any prizes unless you come to our monthly meetups and then we’ll maybe get you a cocktail or beer. Anyone?

Update: The Pirate King got it. This is an awning on the 6th st. side of the Roseland Theater. Photo after the jump

Misty Portland TV Mem’ries of the way we were

Have you lived here your whole life? (Who am I kidding, dieselboi is half the natives I know!) Did you live here as a kid? Or like me did you live someplace else but only got Portland television? Well you should check out this site chock full of ads, video clips, and general other nostalgic items for your perusal. It is full of OMG moments. OMG Farrells! OMG Great Space Coaster! OMG Chuck E Cheese when it was still a PIzza Time Theater! OMG Great Space Coaster!

This is super fantastic. It’s so much fun to go back through time….

The Return of iknowkungfu


Look at your calendar right now. Go to next Wednesday – Feb 7th. If you have anything on it that night – cross it out. Then write in “Ash Street – best show I’ll see in 2007″
Got it? Ok. I’ll see you there.

See – first of all – iknowkungfu is playing in Portland again after a 4 year hiatus. Who is iknowkungfu you say? One of the best local bands Portland has ever seen, a band that always brought the crowd to its feet, pints raised high, singing along to every word – and a band that tragically no one from the Merc, Willy Week, or any other local rag ever bothered to even check out – so in those pre-MySpace days they never got the real audience they deserved.

And why is iknowkungfu playing again after all these years? Well, because Darkbuster is coming to town and asked them to. Who is Darkbuster you say? Darkbuster is the penultimate Boston punk band and they are making a big name for themselves. The last time they played Portland was back in October of 2005 at the Roseland the Dropkick Murphy’s and Gang Green. Now they are headed out on another national tour with the Swingin’ Utters….but are breaking away for a few days specifically to come up and play some Oregon and Washington shows. And for that they had to have iknowkungfu play with them. See….back around the turn of the century (that makes it sound so sophisticated doesn’t it) the two bands played a tiny little bar up in the ‘Couve – first they tore apart the stage…then they tore apart the bar….and over mass quantities of whiskey and beer…a friendship was forever formed.

The Misfats are also on this bill – being close friends of iknowkungfu (Foil=Bill) – when the ‘Fats headed to the East Coast this summer – the boys from Darkbuster took them under their drunken wing playing together to a full house in Providence’s ‘The Living Room.’

Top off the bill with special guests The Binge – and you have a night made in drunken punk rock heaven. And if you have any clue what drunken punk rock heaven is – you don’t care if it’s a Wednesday night….you’ll be there.

No Dogs Allowed

Yesterday I was perusing this discussion over at DamnPortlanders and thinking to myself that I had seen a number of dogs on the MAX in blatant disregard of the official rules when last night for the first time ever, I saw a guy bring his dog on with an actual carrier. Imagine that, somebody actually abiding by the letter of the law.

What I’m wondering is how people feel about this rule and where it falls in the “how far can it be bent” spectrum. Over on the DamnPortlanders thread, it seems to be leaning toward “breaking the rule is okay”, though there are some vociferous folks who think it’s wrong, wrong, WRONG to bring un-carriered non-service-animal dogs on the MAX. And as someone who has been excoriated to some extent for bending a rule/law for my own purposes, I really wonder where this ranks to people– for me, it’s worse than riding a bike on a sidewalk and, say, smoking a joint in your bedroom, not that I really think there’s anything wrong with either, since as long as you know what you’re doing in either case, the only harm is most likely to yourself. And I understand that there’s a distinction between a law and a corporate rule, but for the sake of argument, let’s just say they’re equal.

As a dog owner, I’m somewhat sympathetic in my more selfish moments to those who want to bring their dogs along for a ride, though my beast is way too big to ever take on the MAX. I do wish TriMet was more consistent with their posted rules; I’ve also never, ever seen anyone with a stroller actually take their kid out of it and break it down, and that seems to me to take up more room than most dogs would, but you know no fare-checker would ever dress down a family with a stroller the way they sometimes do if there are too many bikes on the traincar or if they decide to enforce the no-dogs rule.

But I’ll also say that it’s a rule that I don’t mind, it really just needs to be much better enforced. As many of the commenters posted, there’s a theme of “no one bothered us, so it must be okay.” It’s pretty standard operating procedure for most people that dogs don’t belong on buses, so why should the MAX be any different? One of the commenters on the other site posted as part of their comment, “if you’re going to break a stated rule, do so considerately at least,” which is all well and good, but is kind of like the definition of pornography– what you may think is considerate could be another person’s personal hell. And what about the people who are then going to break the rule even more inconsiderately? Or if I want to bend another rule, does that mean that I can smoke on the train as long as I’m not blowing it in your face?

Just because there’s not a driver that you have to pass on your way onto the MAX doesn’t somehow give people free rein to break the rules. And I’ve seen how scared of dogs people can be when I’m just walking down the street and so think it’s pretty selfish for people to bring their dogs onboard just because they want what they want. If everybody did that, there would be rampant safety issues for people and animals alike: cramped quarters+dogs on leashes does not equal safety, no matter how well behaved you think your pet is.

No More Phonebooks!

I linked to an entry by Amanda Fritz in my post about City Charter Review, because she said it was giving her a headache. Now I’m linking because the rest of the post is what I want to talk about-rackafracking phonebooks.

I don’t need a phonebook. Even if I did, I need A phonebook, not a STACK of phonebooks. And why can’t I opt out, especially if you are not my phone service provider? There is no landline active at my house currently, why can’t I opt-out of this nonsense? Does this mean Cingular and T-Mobile will be getting into the phonebook printing business? I am full of questions, but it really comes down to this, from Amanda’s blog:

Don’t make us come after you with a city ordinance mandating only the phone company serving a residence may deliver unsolicited directories.

Amanda, this is my call to you: PLEASE go after them. I don’t want to put a post in a blogger’s mouth, but I have a hunch that Steve might be with me on this one. If you need help to make this happen I will be more than happy to assist you, I know you don’t have a lot of free time. (:

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