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Hollywood burning

Our friends down south are experiencing an amazing fire close in to LA. Metblogs Los Angeles has been tracking developments and has some amazing photos of the fire that is coming close to an American Icon – the Hollywood sign. Good luck LA. Fight that fire.

More pet food recalls

Just in – Hills Pet Nutrition (a “global leader”) has decided to recall its Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry food as a result of the latest gluten contamination that is hitting the market. According to recent reports, in Oregon alone, 32 dogs and cats have died during this pet food crisis and an additional 94 have been sickened with cases of kidney disease.
This scares me. I am a serious animal lover. We have three dogs and I would do anything for them. I think of them as part of the family. We luckily feed our dogs Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance food which is not on the list. I can’t imagine what pet owners who have fed their pets food from the list must feel. And that list is insanely long. It seems one company is the maker of 70 or 80% of the food sold in stores today. IAM? Eukanuba? I grew up being told these were premier foods. They are on the list of recalled food.
If you have pets and haven’t taken this story seriously because you don’t think your food is on the list, double check your work. Contact your vet or your pet food provider and confirm that your pet food is not tainted. Further – DO IT AGAIN! Take care of your friends.

Weekly update – Portland Mall


Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

On my weekly round-trip walk of the Portland Mall, I see they are getting close to finishing parts of the rail portion. It is pretty cool. In the simplest terms, they get the rail up on 6×6 wooden blocks, weld long lengths together, use cool tools to make sure the rail is the right width apart, use other cool tools to make sure they are level and the right height and then they pour concrete to cement the entire thing. I know this is boring, but as someone who walks the mall weekly at least once, I am seeing the change before my eyes and that my friends is COOL!
If you look close at the picture, you may realize where this is taken. You are facing south on NW 5th Ave. Deep in the photo, you see the rail turn slightly to the left. Trivia question: why is it turning left?

Paddy’s downtown closed

Paddy’s downtown closed

Originally uploaded by dieselboii.

We tried to get a beer this afternoon at the end of a challenging week and discovered that Paddy’s was closed. Door locked and no one inside. On the door was the sticker stating closed for sanitation reasons. Wow!

We had been there only a couple weeks before. We were now lost as to where to get a good beer downtown. We ended up at Velour which had a wonderful happy hour with great prices.

Does anyone know what is up with Paddy’s? Will it reopen?

Blazer News: Z-Bo out for rest of season

Both Jason Quick and Casey Holdahl are reporting on their blogs at The O that Zach Randolph is out for the season after having surgery on his right hand, which he apparently injured in our recent loss to the T-Wolves.

As one commentor on Casey’s blog glibly noted, “here comes another win streak.” Funny, and maybe true.

Of course, our upcoming schedule includes Houston (twice), San Antonio, Dallas, and Golden State, so let’s not get our hopes up. But it’ll be interesting to see how the team responds, and how the team’s game changes, with an extended period of Zach-lessness. We’ve been discussing the merits of Z-Bo all day, and there’s a lot of debate on a variety of questions. Should he stay or should he go? What should we get for him? And does he really give our team it’s best shot at winning? Maybe some of these questions will get answered.

All I really know is this: now Z-Bo has time to go pay off his tab at Exotica and start getting lap dances in earnest. Strippers of Portland, rejoice!!!

Starting Monday- Tigard’s In Your Tank for Three Cents A Gallon

Yea, I know a groaner riff on that ancient Exxon ad slogan, “Tiger In Your Tank.”

But couldn’t resist, especially since all 14 gas stations in suburban Tigard will start charging a 3-cent-a-gallon gas tax from this Monday up until December 31, 2011.

As “up until’s” go, that’s a long one.

The Tigard City Council approved the measure to fund a project that will ease traffic congestion near downtown Tigard. We’re talking abut the interesections of Oregon 99W and Southwest Greenburg Road, Southwest Hall Boulevard and Southwest Main Street.

The good news is that if the targeted funds of $4.5 to $5 million are raised before 12/31/2011, and the improvements are implemented as a result, the tax will be rescinded.

My thoughts:

1. With the price of gas rising so fast these days, that 3% should bring in more revenue, faster.

2. With the construction delays from this project sure to delay drivers, they will use more gas- thus creating additional demand and feeding the revenue engine at the heart of this measure.

But here’s a big but:

3. When have you ever seen a governmental entity rescind a tax before its ironclad cutoff date?

Friday Zen

Here’s photo I took out at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden on Wednesday. If you get the chance you should head out there right now. All the trees are in full blossom, and the Rhodies are starting to bloom as well. It’s $3.00 to get it, but free on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you’ve never been there it’s a great place for a first date, lots of secluded alcoves, or to take your kids and feed the ducks. There are paths that drop you into ponds with waterfalls, and some gorgeous views. It’s over by Reed College. Check it out and bring your camera!

View image


A while back I talked about my disdain for Metro-Fi and the city’s free wi-fi network that’s been going up. I asked if I was the only one who consistently and persistenty failed to get access to the network. I found I wasn’t alone.

Portland’s Personal Telco Project, which has been consistently and persistently encouraging private citizens to contribute bandwidth and connectivity for a while now, recently released their findings in an independent test of Phase I of the Metro-Fi network.

The findings? “Of 39 random spots placed within 500 feet of access nodes, they were able to connect 20 times, and failed 19 times. When they tested between the 500- and 1,000-foot zone, they were only able to connect 12 times, failing 27 times. Overall, that’s a failure rate of about 60 percent. Not so hot.”

Of course, we are still in the “proof of concept” phase. If the concept was supposed to be proved by now, well, Mission Accomplished (in the purely George Bush/Iraq War sense of the term).

Since the meeting where they debuted their preliminary findings, a more formal report is in production and will be released here.

Until then, I’m happy to report that even though I live within about 100 feet of one of the Metro-Fi nodes (it’s on the phone pole on the other side of my neighbor’s house, a one-story which shouldn’t really block my access), I still can’t connect at home. And while downtown, I’ve only been able to get on about 4 or 5 times out of the 50+ attempts I’ve made, despite visible nodes nearby.

Anyone else as incredulous as I am about this latest municipal boondoggle?

Blazers Thoughts (And Z-Bo hating)

Tonight, I got to go see the Blazer game. I was left with a variety of thoughts.

For my recap of thoughts during the game (and some half-decent pics from the game), you can read here.

We’re discouraged from pulling things from our own blogs to put here, but I thought that we may be able to have an interesting Blazers discussion regarding some of my final thoughts, so I’ll post them here and you can chime if if you’re interested…

Wherefore art thou, April Meetup?

So we have had a bit of discussion on my previous entry about where exactly we should have our little get together come April 10th. We’ve had a suggestion for the Hawthorne Theater, and also one for Rontoms. (Yes b!xy, I’m choosing to ignore the vacant lot+Thunderbird in sacks equation you offered (: )

So what do you think? I mean, the clock IS a-tickin, so if you have any suggestions or votes for previous suggestions let’s hear them, I’m all ears! (or whatever it is when you are reading…all eyes?)

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