Getcher Scoop On-Courtesy of Ben and Jerry

We mentioned this to you last year and I would be neglecting my duties as purveyor of OMG FREE ICE CREAM info if I didn’t mention it this year too.

Ben and Jerry are giving away scoops tomorrow from 12-8pm at all their locations. You might want to check them out, even if you buy something instead of just get the free scoop. It’s also the tenth anniversary of Phish Food (that’s right, TEN YEARS!) which they are commemorating with a new milkshake. I want them to bring back the phish food sundae! That was the stuff, I tell you. Exclusive to the scoop shops, it was Phish Food covered in caramel and marshmallow sauces and sprinkled with even more fudge fish (or is it phish?). It was SO FREAKING GOOD! And I can’t believe I’ve been eating that for ten years now!

Anyway. Free ice cream tomorrow afternoon. Maybe the weather will be crummy and the line will be shorter. Whether it is or not, I’ll be in it, you can be certain. I hope I see you there!

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