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Stumptown Coffee Expanding to Seattle

In Portland-is-taking-over-the-world news, the Seattle Times is reporting that Stumptown Coffee has plans in place to open a roastery and two cafes in our neighbor to the North. This summer, Seattle gets a serious new player in their coffee crowd and traveling pdx coffee addicts get a place to find a familiar fix. Sounds like good news to me.

Road Report: OSU Beavers Livin’ It Up

Right now I am traveling on business. I am a guest at the Sheraton Palo Alto, just an outfielder-to-catcher heave from the Stanford University campus.

The hotel is full of well-behaved, yet quite enthusiastic fans of the reigning national NCAA baseball champ the Oregon State Beavers. The team is staying here as well.

I know it is early in the morning, but if you put 2+2 together, you will correctly conclude OSU is playing Stanford in baseball today.

My main takeaway from seeing the Beavs’ here is that while you customarily see traveling fans for college football and basketball, traveling fans of college baseball can be a rarity.

Of course the fact that its above 80 and clear here, and the Beavers are the national champs, probably has something to do with it. Not that long a drive, especially after a long winter.

It’s what, nine sunny hours from Corvallis to Palo Alto? I know Redding is boring as hell but you get to wave hi to Mount Shasta on the way.

Now what if the University of Oregon Ducks had a men’s baseball team as well?

MetroFi Survey!

I’m posting this from downtown, using the city’s much maligned MetroFi wireless network. I’ve personally never had a problem connecting, but I know many who have and it’s gotten me curious. Is there a common factor among those who are able to connect or among those who aren’t?

And so, without further ado, I present the pseudo-scientific Metroblog MetroFi (Metro)Survey. If you’ve tried to connect, successful or not, take a minute to answer the questions below and post your answers in the comments.

MONO at Doug Fir

MONO at Doug Fir

Originally uploaded by dieselboii.

Went to another stellar show last night at the mutha f’in Doug Fir. MONO, a post-rock band out of Japan wowed us with some great guitar work and a wall of sound. When they took the stage, I kept looking for a mic, only to discover there was no singing. They start most of their songs with melodic electric guitar work and the crescendo to a climax of raw rock- ala wall of sound. It wasn’t noise though as it had structure. It also had passion. Every member of the band showed they were into every bit of the performance. I haven’t seen that much intensity for awile. I am glad I threw my name out for the free tickets.

I love the Doug Fir. Check out MONO (myspace) (main site) and definitely catch them next time they roll through.


An Unlikely Ally for the Timber Nation?

Casey over at the O’s BlazerBlog notes a report that nigh-local billionaire, and Blazer owner, Paul Allen may be interested in purchasing an English soccer franchise.

According to the report, very preliminary conversations have been had, apparently between Allen and people surrounding the Southhampton FC Saints. Allen’s minions at Vulcan, Inc. have offered an arguably meaningless denial.

Could this signal something for Portland Timbers fans? Frankly, I don’t know. This may be something that ends up being of more interest to Seattle-ites than Portlanders. Of course, given Portland’s storied soccer history, it may end up being something we want to keep an eye on…

Early May Day tagging


Originally uploaded by dieselboi.

There is a soundwall door by my house that someone has taken on as their own little art project. I have seen now three different paintings on the door. The city or state usually get by weekly to clean it up, so I had to snap this before the painters came. Well, happy early May day. And remember…..The struggle continues (even though you run our of painting space.)

Open Thread – Alberta St. “Riot” Thursday night

News this morning is reporting that as festivities from NE Alberta St’s Last Thursday were winding down, a large group of people began congregating around NE 24th and Alberta dancing. They eventually spilled into the street, blocking traffic. Police became involved when an officer witnessed a fight and engaged the individuals. After tasing one person, the officers were then met with an angry crowd. (Just repeating what I read.)

I have been to numerous Last Thursday events. It is mostly what I would refer to as a 30 something hippy crowd. The type of people who make the annual pilgrimage to the Oregon Country Fair. Oh, and they have kids also. Then again, I may be wrong.

So, who was “rioting?”
KPTV reported the story this morning, but only interviewed two young Black men. Typical Oregon media response?
Your thoughts in the comments.

Celtic Woman? Yes. Blazers vs. Celtics? No Way

Originally uploaded by russ.

This just arrived via email.. solicitation for me to part with $249 of my own money to see the maybe-will-get-up-to-.500 2007-08 Blazers against everybody. Including snoozer opponents like the Boston Celtics.
But if you are talking about Celtic Woman (think Enya cloned about 11 times, with strings and stuff) then I might go for that.

Charming Bungalo

Originally uploaded by jonashpdx.

I understand a “for sale by owner” flier maybe not spelling “bungalow” correctly, but you’d think a realtor would maybe get it right.

This makes me chuckle and shake my head every time I walk by it.

Though “bungalo” does sound a bit more exotic, especially is you put the emphasis on the second syllable.

“Yes, I’d like to see your best selections of bungalos, please.”

Shazam! Mama Mia’s for a Perfect Anniversary

Like Jonashpdx – we celebrated our anniversary last week. For special treat ourselves night-out we headed downtown to Mama Mia’s Trattoria since we’d heard from my good friend’s New York Italian parents that it was the place that made them feel ‘at home’ when they moved to Portland recently. (That and the Jewish Albertsons in SW – but that’s a different blog post)

We started with yummy cocktails, Caprese Salad and fried zucchini. Now I don’t understand Caprese Salad, how can a pile of cheese and tomatoes be considered a salad? And I suppose the fact the I don’t like tomatoes probably has something to do with that – but man – that homemade mozzarella was amazing! And the zucchini had just enough batter to be crispy – but not be Battered.

We both went for PETA friendly dinners – me with the Veal Parmigiana and he with the Veal Scallopine Alla Marsala. And I was so totally impressed – not only was the food fantastic – but the chef, Lisa Schroeder, came out to check on our meal personally. That was impressive. They weren’t slammed – but it was a pretty steady crowd while we were there and all the employees were really nice, quick and helpful. No doubt the food was great – but exceptional customer service really does go a long way too.

We passed on the yummy looking desserts since we were stuffed to the gills, but did stop at Pix on the way home and picked up a Opera and a Shazam! for later in the evening after our meal had settled a bit.

Oh – and also learned that just because I have a parking pass for one lot owned by Parking Management Center – does not mean that you can park in their other lots.

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