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Bring Back the Arena Football League to Portland!

First, some basic factoids:

Arena Football uses a 50-yard field, three downs (not four), is played indoors, emphasizes passing, and is known for huge scores. In fact, the end of this year’s 16-game season last Monday produced three teams that each scored more than 1,000 points. That’s more than 60 points a game. And the playoffs started last night. What a rip-roarin’ good time!!

Portland once had an Arena Football League team. The Portland Forest Dragons played from 1997 through 1999. Their games were a stompin’ hoot.

Now, eight years later, I think we are ready for the Arena Footlall League again. Portland sports has just been given a great shot in the arm with Oden. Professional soccer and lacrosse are attracting rabid constituencies. College sports is on the upswing.

Even if Arena games were consigned to the (cough) Memorial Coliseum, I have a feeling that Arena Football would be a big hit in Portland if it were brought back under resourceful (and resource-full) ownership.

Plus, the players are pretty good. A little smaller and slower than those in the NFL, but if you are an NFL draft-watcher and wonder where many of the seventh rounders go, that’s be to the Arena League.

Plus, if we had an Arena League team and this year’s likely champion the Chicago Rush came to town, I’d just have to root for this guy!



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Need I say more?

Amnesia’s Desolation IPA

Welcome to Puddletown Mr. Oden

Welcome to Puddletown Mr. Oden

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Big rally right now downtown. Pio Square is packed and spilling over. Even in the rain. This is exciting! Go Blazers.

Mr. Oden is arriving soon. Bring an umbrella.

Portland City Grill: A Place to Dress Down?

So my wife and I took her visiting sister to Portland City Grill for a nice dinner last night. The women were dressed nicely in dress and I was wearing jeans with a nice button down shirt and brown shoes. We sat at our table and enjoyed a nice meal.

I noticed as I looked around most people were dressed up. I did observe however a few people who were quite dressed down. One woman in particular stood out – she was wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt with another shirt underneath, what looked to be sweats and very casual sandals. Another gentleman was wearing a casual t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

I can’t say I was really offended but these observations did make me wonder a few things. Isn’t Portland City Grill a place you dress up? Is Portland such a casual place you can stroll into any high end restaurant wearing whatever? Do Portlanders really even care? Thoughts and insights welcome…

$599 Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Yes, I’m talking about the iPhone. Yes, I’m a skeptic… but it’s not what you think I swear.

It’s just that I can’t figure out who needs an iPhone. Who are all these people standing around waiting to get one? And for that matter why is it that so many people normally walking around moaning about their finances and the high price of health care can suddenly plunk down $599 (is that with or with out accessories) for a fancy pants phone?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a consumer whore. My family, they’re consumer whores too. We have TiVo, Mp3 players, we have a laptop each, and then there is our beloved Wii, but at some point I have to wonder who really needs to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on their telephone?

Blazers Draft Day Review

AKA “My last writes.” Bad pun. Oh, well.

Anyway, a huge day in Rip City, and I’m just starting to get my head around what all happened. Let’s take it (roughly) chronologically.

It’s Official — Blazers Draft Greg Oden #1

And it’s a great choice. This is a character guy who’s a physical freak. He’s affable, he’s funny, he’s awesome. And he’s a dominant big man who’ll rule the middle of NBA courts for the next 10 years, which gives us a vital piece towards our eventual playoff runs (maybe even starting this year, but the following season for sure), and our coming years of Title contention.

Welcome to Portland, Greg Oden.

Census Bureau Stats Out Today: 537,081 Portlanders

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The new U.S. Census city population estimates are out today. They always track a year behind, i.e. issuing estimates on or around July 1 for the previous July 1 “on or around.”
We’re 537,081 strong. Just below Oklahoma City ahd just ahead of the place where Jo-Jo left his home (Tucson, Arizona).
Hey look at the data this way. If you live within the city of Portland, and if it was not for you, we’d be 537,080. So you are important, and a statistic.

Blow Something up for America*

I love celebrating the 4th of July. There are times when I am very ‘proud to be an American’ and other times, well..not so much – that’s I why I love the line in the Descendants song ‘Merican – “I’m proud and ashamed, every 4th of July. You’ve got to know the truth before you say that you’ve got pride”

But regardless of what my precise feelings may be at any given moment, I know we’ve got it better than most and am proud to celebrate it. I remember having a big block party on our street one year as a kid – everybody brought food and we kids had tons of fireworks to shoot off – and this was before all the decent fireworks were banned.

Then the next year my hometown started to do a big city wide weekend long celebration with a huge fireworks display at the end. It was the first time that I’d ever seen a professional fireworks display – and it was all synced to patriotic – or pseudo-patriotic music. I didn’t want to go because I was bummed we weren’t shooting off fireworks in our street. Then I saw them and I was amazed. And at that age even the horribly cheesy Neil Diamond and Lee Greenwood songs seemed cool when accompanied by big explosions of light in the sky.

Blazers Draft at 4:37 PM

According to Mike Barrett. So our draft review post will likely be up later tonight.

One interesting quote from Mike Barrett’s Blog (for those of you who don’t know, Barrett’s one of the Blazers talking heads during the season, so he’s both in a very good place to give information, and at the same time presumably somewhat to be distrusted since he has to stay with the team’s agenda):

I talked to Kevin Pritchard this morning, in his office, and he once again stated that nothing has been guaranteed to anyone. So, that basically says the reports you’ve been hearing on ESPN are false. It doesn’t mean Portland won’t actually take Oden, of course, but no one has been promised anything in advance. Kevin was adamant about that, and said “don’t believe the reports you’re hearing.” He said he’s not ready to go public with anything yet. That’s still the correct strategy, and we’ll talk more about that tonight during our show.

He also said it’s been an extremely quiet morning around the league, as far as phone calls are concerned. It seems like everyone is in a holding pattern. We’ve seen this before, and we’ve also seen an explosion of moves and deals once one key deal happens. But, something tells me that is not going to be the case this year. Of course, if the Blazers simply end up with just the number-one pick, it’s still a fantastic day. History though, has shown us, anything can happen on draft day. Kevin did state that several times.

The deal it appears everyone is waiting on, is the possible three-way deal between Minnesota, Phoenix, and Atlanta. It’s unclear at this point how close that deal is to going down, but that likely explains why there is just no chatter right now. If this deal officially dies, it could also open the flood gates to other moves. One way or the other, something will have to happen before much else can happen.


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