Naked Bike Riding and More Pedalpalooza Fun

Bike streakers!

On our way west on SE Stark yesterday, what did we see but undoubtedly the first riders out for last night’s World Naked Bike Ride!
More than 1000 people were expected for the dance party last night and at least 700 for the Naked Bike Ride, which started at 606 SE Madison. headed downtown, up to NW 23rd and then back across the Burnside Bridge.

It was like seeing some rare, beautiful sight when we saw those riders yesterday. Naked men on little bikes hollered at us to get out of our car. A woman yelled something about Pedalpalooza.

What a great way to celebrate bike culture.

Pedalpalooza, in case you were unaware, is a 16-day bike event running through June 23. It is as much an event about Portland as is the Portland Rose Festival. Even better, Pedalpalooza is an entirely non-commercial event. Just look at the Portland Rose Festival and how much it has been sodden by commercial interests. It’s like the event has lost all of its imagination.

But not Pedalpalooza — it’s all about imagining the possibilities. It’s an expression of what bike culture means to people here in Portland. Funny, the Portland Rose Festival is such an event about patriotism, civic culture, welcoming soldiers home, military style parades. It’s all about the past. Pedalpalooza, in contrast, is like this event that blossomed from some other world yet firmly represents Portland and its future.

There are so many events scheduled for Pedalpalooza:


Pizza ride, taco rides, karaoke to karaoke bar, sexy cyclist ride, mini-bike steeplechase, recycle a bicycle, morning coffee on the bridge….And that’s just a smattering of what’s happening for Pedalpalooza.

I’ll be there at least for a few of these events. Will you?

Viva Pedalpalooza!

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